Friday, December 17, 2010

Holy Grail and Fear Factor

The upper ratio is what I jokingly call the Holy Grail.  

It is one of my systems, it forces me into a short position.

Now has anyone been paying attention to what this Holy Grail Is?

Stealing from the Dead?

Probably stealing from the dead is easier.

I am not sure how I feel about this one yet.   If this guy was an investor, acting in good faith and without knowledge of any wrongdoing, why is he not entitled to all the money "made". 

Lawyers Reach Deal to Recover $7 Billion for Madoff Victims

Federal prosecutors and the trustee liquidating the estate of Bernard L. Madoff, the convicted swindler, have reached a civil settlement that will recover at least $7 billion to compensate victims of Mr. Madoff's global Ponzi scheme, according to people briefed on the negotiations. An announcement is expected at noon Eastern time. Prosecutors have said privately that the settlement is the largest civil forfeiture in American history.

The settlement will conclude the trustee's case against the estate of Jeffry M. Picower, a Palm Beach philanthropist and longtime Madoff investor who died in October 2009. The complaint filed against the estate indicated that Mr.
Picower, who became wealthy investing in medical-technology companies, had profited hugely from Mr. Madoff's scheme, drawing out billions more than he paid in.

The settlement will greatly expand the funds available to repay victims of the fraud; before Friday, the trustee had collected $2.3 billion from other sources.

Read More:

Get ready for stealing at every opportunity (people and entities trying to steal from you.    Own nothing, control everything.   Assets should be owned by a non-operational LLC or Corp.   Non-op so that you aren't doing anything that can create liability.   Then your operating entities lease from the asset owning entity.  

And if you can, have an entity in Nevada or Texas, business friendly.

Also consider buying land in a foreign country, I think this is an effective way to diversify your assets and currency risk.   Try not to make that country, say Venezuela or Congo.   

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taxes, Control, Intrusion

Expect this for sure.   More taxes, more fees, more Gubmint control, more intrusion.   More bureaucracy.

Received my property tax assessment today, apparently my main house is worth more now than a year ago, funny how that happens in the face of all evidence to the contrary. 

Expect more of this type of thing. 

Apparently the BAB 9Buy America Bonds) program was not renewed in any fashion, this will bring the States to their knees, giving up rights in order for BigBama to bail them out too.

Chart from

Fear Factor (Nice Shooting Star)

I don't see much in the charts that speaks to me today.  

Tomorrow is Expiration Friday, usually the fireworks have already gone off earlier in the week.   Some people just refuse to trade on Expiry at all.   If you need a day off for the holidays, tomorrow might not be a bad choice.

Fear Factor on the 2 hours chart shows a nice end of day shooting star, looking at the last few months, the shooting star was a great predictor of upcoming increase in Fear.

Ford has a heck of a triangle going, usually, this is continuation, upward in this case.  And the EW'ers say traingles occur right before the last move, so wave 5 up coming up

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Real Estate - Real Talk, New Yorka Style

Love this site, just found it, hilarious.  I been around the block a few times.   People won't believe what I have to say about real estate.  Lived it.   My main property is still 250% higher than purchase price in 1999 of all times.    No one can believe I expect it to drop 50%.

Paid Newsletter Reposted Here In Full for Free and with Permission

Matt and Steve, the Traders at Breakpoint Trades have been generous enough to post yet another full edition, with audio, Newsletter, including trade ideas at link attached.

Have at it, appreciate your comments.  This is some quality classic TA with Patterns, Fibonacci, Elliot, and not to mention, good old common sense.   And they provide an awesome trading blog with lots of comments and intraday trade ideas, from subcribers and Authors.

Sure it costs $1.33 a day on the 6 month.   And if you like it, please sign up through the link on the left side of this blog....they extend my membership and I can keep bringing you trade ideas and market analysis.  

Their record for watch list trade ideas is over 70%, and sometimes closer to 90%.   Of course we all can't be there at the perfect time to hit each one, but that is not necessary.   Hit enough good trades, that is all I have to say about that.

Real time flash crash alert - We rock

And where else do you get real time flash crash alerts!?!?!?

right now, better to buy the dip and sell the rip.   Support at the PRS 177, I closed shorts, will sell a rip or a drop below the prs177

Flash Crash aLert

I went long ES, then sold off based on fingerprint very dimilar to flash crash

These are funny

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Original Charts, Back to Basics

Been kind of ranting lately, since charts don't work anymore, j/k :)
DROP a comment please!! even a rant, which is all in vogue these days.

Here is one on revised value added for 2009, from Gov Data

Interesting to note the "growth sectors", mining, Ag, government, health-care.    Sounds all so positive to me, maybe I will tell Ken Fischer so he can maintain his bullish bias.   

I hate when I find that some people I read are likely just following each other, that provides a false sense of confidence.   It is not 2 opinions, just 1.    Regardless of calling this a bear market rally, come on guys....could at least 1 bearish position have provided some decent upside targets of this bear rally?   Seriously folks, how can you all be so damn bad at this?   methinks they just want to sell newsletters.

Check out the lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice, now that is cool!   Will it be market changing?

By simple inspection, obviously the market is correlated to the moon ( or in this world of Lloyd, perhaps the moon is correlated to the market).    

Monday, December 13, 2010

Astro Dates

The current Solar System configuration is fairly rare.  You can say you don't believe, and no one will blame you.  We did a larger report on this last week if you are interested.

These are some of the date when thing have been like this.

This time (Dec. 11  2010 Mercury station) -could- be a dud, but my guess
is that it will not be and that we will get a significant decline on big volume.

       Oct. 16, 1987  -  w/Venus [Jupiter in 180 deg. aspect to Pluto]

shortly after the big crash of 1987

       Sept. 9, 1976  -  w/Venus & Mars
       June 11, 1940 -  w/Mars [Jupiter & Saturn in 90 deg. aspect to Pluto]
       May 23, 1903  -  Mars station in square aspect to Pluto [T square w/ Jupiter & Uranus]

       June 11, 1890  -  Mars station July 5 opposition Pluto [Saturn 90 deg. aspect to Pluto]
       March 9, 1803  -  Mars station square Pluto Jan. 31 (note the March 1 inflection in the retracement; although the Mars station was inexact by 18 deg.
                       I've learned that stations increase the orb of influence by twice the arc range, at a minimum.  A lag phenomenon
                       involved here, I believe.  Note that Saturn was opposing Pluto.  A big T square was formed between Mars, Saturn & Pluto here.

       March 15, 1796  - squared by transiting Mars [T square w/ Saturn & Uranus]
       Dec. 28, 1772  -  Note the inflection point March 1 & further downside at the Mars direct station opposition Pluto (March 1 station)

       Dec. 9, 1760  -  w/Venus & Mars (not a crash, but clear inflection point in retracement) [Saturn 90 deg. aspect]

       Dec. 20, 1754  -  w/Mars [T square w/ Jupiter & Uranus]

       Sept. 20, 1720  -  w/Sun, Venus & Mars

Preparation: Owning Gold and Where, 401K, and US Assets

If you ask any bank or brokerage about their assets, they consider your assets to be their assets, and under certain conditions they will give them to you.  

Did you get that?  Deep in their hearts, the assets under management that they have are their's, and sometimes they have to distribute them, under rules that aren't readily published and can change at a moments notice.   Really -- they do not think those assets are yours.  

Same goes for 401K accounts, except even more so.   Because the gool ol' USA "allowed" you live here and relish in the prosperity of the land, AND because they also allowed you not to pay taxes on those deposits, then in reality, those are government funds that are under your direction.   I do believe that is the way "they will see it".    AND this is coming I highly believe, "In the interest of national security to protect our debt and make sure that our debt cannot be used as an instrument of terror against the USA, AND because it is obvious that people have done poorly at self maanging their 401K's --just look at the 0% return over 10 years, For all these reasons we are protecting those 401K holder by transferring 50% of the assets into the safety of US Treasury Bond and Bills"

The tax deferred accounts are the mother load, the next target for US and the ECH's (know what that means, you better, it is the way the world has worked for many decades at the least.

In the Great Depression the Gov made private ownership of Gold illegal.   No joke, if you did not already know that, Google it and read.   If you had gold, they took it and gave you a "fair price".   If you had a safe deposit box, it could only be opened in the presence of an armed police officer who could go through all your stuff and make sure you weren't trying to "hold gold". 

This can happen again.   There are some ways to get around this pesky little problem, and that is to own physical gold stored outside the US.    There will be rumors and exaggerated stories about how this is not safe.   "They" do not want you to move US assets overseas.    There are some various ways to do this, but some can in fact be quite risky, you don't want a loan or lease on Gold, you want to own the physical and be able to audit it yourself.   I will have more on how this is possible.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fear Factor, NQ thievery, and Hawaii new gov...we are in trouble

  • Fear seems to be easing up,
  • ISEE sentiment shows very bullish levels
And the

  • "POMO me now pumps" 

seem to be relentless, although honestly I can't quite wrap my mind around those.   So Fed is buying treasuries, is that just renewing the debt, but not adding money so to speak?   Is it just keeping the treasury / bond market from imploding, and then the remaining "disposable" money out there would rather flee into equities because why get in a bidding war with the Fed?

Like I really sure I got  that one understood.  

STRATEGY, place some trades to short on weakness, and immediately automatically set a trailing stop.   This is to catch a flash crash.   Flash crash now, while the HBB boyz are licking their chops for bonuses would be the least expected thing. 

Other Strategy: Sit in cash and enjoy the holidays.

Some NQ short holders were just brutalized, purely a stop run.   Amazing how "they" can coordinate these things.   Very likely it is illegal communications and coordination.  these are not that liquid, maybe just a handful of big boys talking on phone...hey there are 200 contract hiding 1y 2230, up your ask and we will follow with a bid, but making no transactions, then we split the pot at 2230 and ride it down, all making profits except those poor sods who we just took their money."

Last picture below, the new Hawaii Governor and LT.    Abercrumby beat Aiona who was a born in Hawaii local with a strong sense of what real people have to deal with, pro-business attitude, and a firm commitment to pushing energy independence, NOW, not as an idea to send to committee.   We are in trouble, with another career politician in the seat, now.