Monday, December 13, 2010

Preparation: Owning Gold and Where, 401K, and US Assets

If you ask any bank or brokerage about their assets, they consider your assets to be their assets, and under certain conditions they will give them to you.  

Did you get that?  Deep in their hearts, the assets under management that they have are their's, and sometimes they have to distribute them, under rules that aren't readily published and can change at a moments notice.   Really -- they do not think those assets are yours.  

Same goes for 401K accounts, except even more so.   Because the gool ol' USA "allowed" you live here and relish in the prosperity of the land, AND because they also allowed you not to pay taxes on those deposits, then in reality, those are government funds that are under your direction.   I do believe that is the way "they will see it".    AND this is coming I highly believe, "In the interest of national security to protect our debt and make sure that our debt cannot be used as an instrument of terror against the USA, AND because it is obvious that people have done poorly at self maanging their 401K's --just look at the 0% return over 10 years, For all these reasons we are protecting those 401K holder by transferring 50% of the assets into the safety of US Treasury Bond and Bills"

The tax deferred accounts are the mother load, the next target for US and the ECH's (know what that means, you better, it is the way the world has worked for many decades at the least.

In the Great Depression the Gov made private ownership of Gold illegal.   No joke, if you did not already know that, Google it and read.   If you had gold, they took it and gave you a "fair price".   If you had a safe deposit box, it could only be opened in the presence of an armed police officer who could go through all your stuff and make sure you weren't trying to "hold gold". 

This can happen again.   There are some ways to get around this pesky little problem, and that is to own physical gold stored outside the US.    There will be rumors and exaggerated stories about how this is not safe.   "They" do not want you to move US assets overseas.    There are some various ways to do this, but some can in fact be quite risky, you don't want a loan or lease on Gold, you want to own the physical and be able to audit it yourself.   I will have more on how this is possible.


  1. During the GD, supposedly only one person got caught with illegal gold (he had a lot, was stupid and tried to move it). The vast majority did not turn it in (or it became jewelry). Realize that most was held outside banks. Nowadays, in the USA there isn't enough gold being held to justify confiscation.

    IMO this whole "make gold illegal again" is a fear-meme TPTB promote to keep people invested in the ponzi. Fuggetabouit.

    Best bet for gold in your IRA is GTU or PHYS.

  2. Two things, Steveo. First, where did this story about the gummint taking our 401k money start? I've been seeing it bandied about for a while, but I've never seen any evidence related to it. If there is some, I'd really like to know what it is. I have a vague memory of some crackpot legislator putting the idea forward once, but maybe I'm imagining it. Anyway, like a lot of nutty ideas, it went nowhere, if it did exist. So why are so many folks up in arms about it? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Second, what makes people think that gold will be worth a lot in the future? If the US gummint makes private ownership illegal, that's going to take a huge sucking hole out of demand globally. It seems to me that the basis of holding gold comes from the idea that it's always been valuable, so it always will be, and that sounds a lot like 'homes always go up in value.' I'm not saying gold won't be the currency of last resort, I really have no idea. But past performance is no guarantee of future results, if you know what I mean. If I had a farm, I wouldn't bet it on a fairly worthless metal in utilitarian terms. In fact, I'd guard the farm. Food has a better chance of being the storehouse of wealth, or even better, get your hands on a good water supply.

    Jeez, I'm off again and it's not even late tonight! LOL

  3. Agreed many games being played to keep the Ponzi going, when the musical chair game ends, there will alot of pissed off people.

  4. The story is my own, it is conjecture. I have not added to any 401K for a few years. "Everyone knows" the 401K is the best investment....hmmmm.

    Did you know that Mercury just made a retrograde station on Pluto on Saturday and now a transiting Mars, and tomorrow there will be a negative Lunar aspect ( a 90deg thing).

    This also happened on October 18, 1987.

    This might explain your ranti-ness or an upcoming decline lasting several months.

    Also, I am looking for 160 acres of cultivatable land on a river in New Zealand, so already ahead of you on that one---(not joking)

  5. the NZ land grab sounds great, my hat is off to you! yes, maybe my rantiness is connected to the astrological configuration at play. if it leads to a market decline, that would suit me ok.

    no rant today...thank your lucky stars. lol


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