Thursday, November 21, 2013

Breakpoint Trades World Market Review (FREE)

Breakpoint Trades occasionally let me post up some of their outstanding work.   

Their rates are very reasonable, the 6 month plan is the best by far.    If you sign up using the link on the right bar, they do give me some free months, which helps.   

I have tried probably 2 dozen "services" over the last 2 decades.    I like Stockcharts, because of some unique charting aspects.    Breakpoint Trades and Stockcharts are the ONLY 2 services that I stick with year after year.   

Anyhow, check out this BPT World Market Review


Palladium, an end of the year Gift

Give your girl some Palladium this XMAS, well, that might not be your best bet.

Give yourself some diversification on this precious metal.  Do some basic research, but the story is compelling for a long, fundamentals.

And now technicals are giving you the gift of the bottom of the Bernoulli 100 channel

Nimble short on ES SPY

Shorted again after capturing a nice quick trade yesterday.

The main focus is just that we are at top of multi year channel and accelerated up out of the channel would be unlikely.

And Heh!   Drop a comment!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IMF Frank Discussion of Bail In, aka "We just take your assets"

The Bastards that be are getting even more arrogant. Here is a frank discussion by the IMF on how they can role out a "Statutory Based" law that allows and financial institution to get "take assets" of others to ensure that no Too Big Too Fail institutions, even have the appearance of failing. At no time do they even discuss, that maybe, just maybe, too big too fail institutions should just be chopped up and made smaller. I guess they know the puppet masters can't even let that thought process begin.

I suggest you read it.   Of course the goal is transfer to wealth to those already skiing behind their yachts.

Also, did you know that your wealth is now not wealth at all, buy simply insurance for the benefit of The TBTF joke, on page 7

They can also grab your asset retroactively, after all, YOU are the source of the problems, and how rude of you to move your "insurance" out of the TBTF, thus destabilizing them.     And don't worry, this is not 5 years off, they are on it now.   Page 9.   Heh, and don't fret, Cyprus already did it.

 And don't worry, the bankers themselves will decide when they need to just grab your money, as the IMF explains on Page 12, allowing the courts to have any say in the matter would just be too clunky, so it is compelling that the bankers can just take your money any time they want in their sole discretion.     No courts needed!   Now that is a model of efficiency! LOL

 And Page 15 explains that because the TBTF institutions are multi-national, that it is essential that the bankers can take all the money all over the world.   Sheesh, makes sense......