Thursday, October 27, 2011

Previous max target on ES was 1292

Prior max target was 1292, ES cleared heavy resistance at 1284.

Prior channel target 1300 and 1330.

My original thoughts was that with one more day of these steady push up shenanigans, bears will throw in the towel tomorrow before the weekend.   Maybe Europe will be saved AGAIN!

All Targets have been reached, loading up on puts

In addition to all targets being reached, I can firmly say that humans are completely going off the deep in at least in my little neck of the woods.    Irrationality is reaching new heights, people are just going off.

And the Pretcher followers, who were told to go full tilt short last week, using all available leverage.   Are in a world of hurt.

ES, Euro, Cable all targets have been reached rolling into puts.

Parabolic rise in "Non-Fear" the Fear Factor

Fear Factor,
Up Means less Fear
This parabolic rise show a bubble in "non-fear"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bucky UP, Buckle Up

When Gold and SPX both go up, almost equally, it may just be a anti-USD correlation, or it may mean that fear and flight to US assets are both occuring.  

Bucky is in a serious downsloping wedge,  likely it break upward and pretty soon, say 1 week or less.

BCSI Long Idea

Check these folks out

ES, Euro, And Cable All The Usual Suspects

On the ES (S&P500 Futures) a 20 point overthrow on the 61 Fibo AND the Bernoulli 133 line.    No bets in place, until I saw the Cable Chart below.

Whats next?   Time to look at Euro and Cable and see if they hit their targets or whether the steep selloff was the move to shake out weak hands.    Cable has a nice B-Channel, and although the bounce off the B75 is not the strongest of channels, we will take the long for now.