Thursday, October 27, 2011

Previous max target on ES was 1292

Prior max target was 1292, ES cleared heavy resistance at 1284.

Prior channel target 1300 and 1330.

My original thoughts was that with one more day of these steady push up shenanigans, bears will throw in the towel tomorrow before the weekend.   Maybe Europe will be saved AGAIN!


  1. DAX is just about to the midway point of that big multi-month egg resting on the squiggles.  The egg is performing eggs-actly as intended.

  2. hey so your new target is 1330 on the es?

  3. Hey Simon,  I don't think it will get that high, the Fear Factor is at a trend line backtest of sorts, the European hail Mary pass was a dud, and the VOS was far out of the Bollinger Bands.   I think this goose is as cooked at bank books.   BUT if it does stay above 1284, possible to move up more, then if I am long (not now), I would be thinking of taking profits at 1300 and then if past that, 1330.    

    Today was just a bear and bull boil.    As my old sensei used to say.....timing VEEEERRRy important.

  4. Doc send a stockcharts link to that DAX chart of yours if you can.   Only useful in realtime, know what I mean!

  5. Here you go:

  6. Hey my friend, so the egg chart of long term still intact or overthrown a bit?


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