Saturday, May 28, 2011

Concentrating on Trading, except for this

As I was thinking about concentrating on trading, and just blogging-- ignoring the nuclear, political and other aspects of the world, I found this interesting:

They changed the name from Bomb to Mom. Is there anyone out there? Any comments

Mr. Headley, the son of a Pakistani diplomat and a Philadelphia socialite, spoke almost nonstop for four days in federal court here in the trial of a Chicago businessman, Tahawwur Rana, who is accused of supporting the attacks on Mumbai, the city formerly known as Bombay.

Friday, May 27, 2011

CCIX Close The Trade at 10% profit, Soybeans, Copper

 Cable and Euro both indicate Dollar may see strength, that would mean equities down.

See other post the VOS volatility ratio, my own custom indicator, is very strong in saying volatility is about to increase a bunch.

Black Swans don't rest on the weekends, in fact while Joe Six Pack is out bragging about how he is a genius for staying long in his 401K, those swans are eying up his front yard as a spot for a massive dump.

That said, closed up some nice ES longs for 30 ES points, and will close CCIX, stop in place for a 10% profit, but it might even run up more, so I will give it a short lease.

Trade Idea CCIX and Doctor Copper

I sold off /ES at the open.
Based on the VOS indicator, see other post

I kept CCIX, which is up nicely

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Concerned about longs, Volatility Ratio at it's consistent lows

I love this Ratio, check out the construct.    It draws nice lines, so it matters.

VOS is now at it's all time lows, a consistent bounce point.   So back to basics....expect that "trend" to continue until proven otherwise.   This doesn't make it look like SPX will get to 1400 now.

Also see the ACT...the Asset Class Total, making  huge move way outside the Bollinger Band.   This is mostly due to TLT the 10 year bond.  Flight to bonds?


These are custom ratios from Hawaii Trading.   I trust them to speak more clearly than most everything else.   

I am closing long /ES, and long CCIX (more on that trade idea in a future post)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long Target SPX

See Mondays post for PRS chart

Long Target 1400, maybe a bit less.

Into the "No Moon" in June, end of next week say 6-3 to 6-6

This from Astrocycles.  
The market follow the moon for months at a time.   Then it doesn't follow for months at a time.   For now it is following, although getting long in the tooth for sure, I expect this pattern to end within a month or two, however, until patterns end it is best to believe they continue, same with support and resistance.    Calling "breaks" of the pattern before it actually happens can increase blood pressure.

Monday, May 23, 2011

SPX target 1400

Well, based on stuff that I watch, the Fibos, the PRS, the exuberance.

The Dollar

Long and Strong, based on lines on charts.

Not based on fundamentals, because those are horrific.   A shotgun blast could probably hit 3 black swans in one shot. 

But my trades are placed long.   It is all about the USD (and the Euro).  

Individual stock trading can "beat" the USD but overall, the "band on the titanic" play bravely into the water.  

Comments appreciated.   Anyone out there?

Yeah Baby, Subprime is Back!

Let the Ponzi keep rolling (actually inject the Ponzi with stimulants and get the same old Zombies dancing again!)   

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Friday, May 20, 2011
Is the subprime industry poised for a rebound? Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “Paul, the Rapture is coming and it’s finally damaged your brain.” Maybe, maybe not. From all those CCD classes I attended as a kid, I know that when the Big Man comes it will be like a “thief in the night.” And no one knows when that thief might strike. But even if the world doesn’t end this weekend, we might be looking at a subprime Rapture of sorts. Follow my logic here. Very quietly (like a thief in the night, so to speak) a company called Springleaf has filed a registration statement with the SEC to raise $500 million. Its goal: to originate and buy nonconforming mortgages and “consumer loans” through its 1,100 branches. And who exactly is, Springleaf? Answer: It’s the old gang at American General Finance in Evansville, Ind., an AIG company, except that AIG only owns 20% of....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bear trade getting crowded?

Indeed, it seems like everyone "knows" this market is going down.

But Pikertrader has a great post on the put call ratio. Go visit, tell him I sent you over there.
He is a humble Piker.

Boatload O Charts and Indicators, heck even a few trade ideas

I guess this is what is called "Putting in my 2 cents worth". Really amazing advertising revenue, sheesh, can't even buy the pre March 11 cream for the coffee.

Funny as all get go.

Short Nikkei over the weekend, and for a while actually, nicely in Green.

Charts below speak for themselves.

Egg of Doom Revisited

The Egg of Doom was a real crowd pleaser a month or so back. Lets see how the Egg and various trendlines have developed since then.

It looks like the SPX has broken out of the Egg and may get a bounce up from an "internal trendline".

This chart first submitted by Cometo

$SPX - Weekly OHLC Bars: "


Holy Compilation Batman

Check out this resource, this guy has put in over 1000 hours making custom charts in Stockcharts, covering pretty much everything.   He is one the the blog participants at Breakpoint Trades.   Wow!

Very handy resource.

Go to the far right and click on the pulldown menu to view a quick pick list of the various charts.[s164383313]&disp=P

$SPX - 60 min Candlesticks

Wow- it is incredibly easy to embed a chart like this into Blogger, expect more.

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$SPX - 60 min Candlesticks: "


Is man dog's best friend?