Friday, May 27, 2011

CCIX Close The Trade at 10% profit, Soybeans, Copper

 Cable and Euro both indicate Dollar may see strength, that would mean equities down.

See other post the VOS volatility ratio, my own custom indicator, is very strong in saying volatility is about to increase a bunch.

Black Swans don't rest on the weekends, in fact while Joe Six Pack is out bragging about how he is a genius for staying long in his 401K, those swans are eying up his front yard as a spot for a massive dump.

That said, closed up some nice ES longs for 30 ES points, and will close CCIX, stop in place for a 10% profit, but it might even run up more, so I will give it a short lease.


  1. nice post

    I have been following the guy from he has been spot on gives live video updates and his seasonality stuff is killer. Well worth a look. 

  2. When I first see the "join now" stuff, I don't continue in any manner.

    But thanks for the thought.

  3. Just found your site doing a search for Break Point reviews. Looks like you're also putting out your thoughts and comments on stocks and the markets. Adding you to my RSS reader! Keep on... Cheers.

  4. And... I think the market indexes sitting and wedging along the 50dma is probably a bad thing. I'm a believer and follower of market seasonality, and historical trends around month end, month begin, holidays, etc. For example, with the bull market rallying into spring, it's highly likely that "sell in may" will work out this year to some degree.

    So far the market has basically been going sideways for about 14 weeks. Looks like folks are getting another chance to lighten up. Heck, the indexes are only a few percent down from their bull market highs.

    I wouldn't be surprised if one strong down day below the 50dma sounds the trumpet for the summer correction...


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