Saturday, June 18, 2011

TEPCO to wrap PVC plastic sheets around "Reactors"

Compare this below to the all out warfare staged at Chernobyl.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the operator of the troubled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant, unveiled on June 14 the outline of its plan to construct shelters to cover its radiation-leaking nuclear reactor buildings.

The shelters, each measuring approximately 47 meters wide, 42 meters long and 54 meters tall, consist of iron frames and (PVC) vinyl chloride-coated polyester resin walls. The utility is planning to start putting up shelters on June 27 around its No. 1, 3 and 4 reactor buildings that were severely damaged in hydrogen explosions following the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Euro Long, ES long for Now, Nasdaq looks ugly though, and Jacuzzi profits

Shorts BEWARE!
Euro looks ready to run, busting through PRS 177 and finding support at the previous downtrend line....i.e. the most basic rule in the book, what used to be resistance now become support.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

closed a long trade after hours, entered back in at 1259.5

index options "settle" at the open Friday, therefore I expect a serious ramp so that those myraids of put holders (the put call ratio is extremely high) won't be rewarded too dearly.

I don't have  great price prediction level, but think that after the ramp more selling may occur, so a 10 point run up, I will take some profits, if I am so fortunate.

NYAD and the gold/Oil ratio Chart

Please drop a comment, what is it like in your neck of the woods?$NYAD&p=D&yr=6&mn=10&dy=6&id=p96998452291&a=235825351

Above supposedly linkable version through Stockcharts, although Stockcharts service seems to be going down, and features seems to be broken or disappearing.

General SEA observation --- humans seems to be reaching new levels of just "going off", I would classify the last 3 weeks as perhaps a 3 sigma event, popping of 3 bollinger bands in terms of humans just acting weird.  

Now this is through personal observation in my little neck of the woods on some of the most remote islands in the world, remote with a million plus people.

But, weirdest stuff I have seen in decades.   People are just losing it, and it doesn't even appear the most of them even realize it.   

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video on Chernobyl

Chernobyl was 100 worse than the 2 bombs of WW2.

Fukushima is already worse than Chernobyl.   By reading between the lines, and knowledge of mechanical engineering on a master degree level, and study of nuclear science and energy, I determined that Fukushima would be 20 to 100 times worse than Chernobyl.   Be advised.

Do the simple math, that makes Fukushima equivalent to 4,000 to 20,000 of the first nuclear bombs. Most of the radiation is going in the ocean.  Much of it lasts 100 years, some even more.

I watched most of this video.  These are heroes, hundreds of thousands, throwing the entire resources of a country at a problem.

Compare this Battle to
  • "Spin" and news effective blackout.   
  • Compare this to an effort by a bankrupt corporation.   
  • Compare this to the farce of putting up a PVC sheet around 1 of the 6 reactors at Fukushima, which is indeed, the current plan.    
  • The other plan involves 10 years to start removing the nuclear "Corium" materials to safe storage, and that plan is predicated on using technologies that have yet to be invented, right now they are just ideas.    There is trouble.

Please take the time, 10 minutes at least, to review this--skim through sections.   This is real video, of real people, at the real scene.

The commander have a grasp of the real dangers at hand, and the dangers of lack of action in a timely manner.

Wed Nite Musings, FF, VOS, Gold, Euro, PRS

Awooo! Little old SPX got mutilated late last night.....Werewolves of London, again!

Free charts, consider a free donation

Long on the Moon Dance

Went from 10 million percent short to 80% long at 1259 on the ES based on PRS channeling (search this blog for more information) and Moon, and other stuff.  Fantastic huge win on the shorts!  Check my old posts, laid out the plan perfectly.   Well perfect enough, my target was the white egg, but it appears we stopped at the PRS 100 line, not the PRS 133 line.

 From Astrocycles -- they do a fantastic job.

"We want our easy money cheese back!"

simple observation--whenever some politician, expert, reporter rips out the "contained" word, you can rest assured that the exact opposite is reality.   See the second quote in the screen cap below.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

/ES Moon Dancing With Wolves

If you want an explanation just ask.

Gold - as volatile as any currency

GDX does look bad, thinking about closing out some gold miners, BUT

I am not joking here, irrevant is as irreverant does, however, the "Egg bounce" is indeed now a pattern.  Others have used ellipses, but I have documented so many Egg bounces, I trade them now.

If gold rallies, mostly likely, very likely means dollar falls.   Could mean that equities make their run up too, unless the gold rally is a substantial flight for fear, and then maybe most asset classes get sold.   But honestly, even with all the black swans, the chances of that happening are maybe 20%.  

Short Euro....still, after taking a beating last night.   Now nicely green, did get stopped on some of my posistion, 40% of 500k to be exact, but there is still a boatload of air beneath that chart structure.

Gold Egg Bounce.   Note the "Embryo Poke" seems very common as the start of the bounce.

10 year note broke trendline

ACT-showing support, or at least at support. There have been minor punch throughs in the recent past, so a break can be bet, but I will have a pretty tight stop above the line.

Of course I don't bet ACt, I use as proxy to bet /ES


The context is clear, but I still thought it unusual the choice of words.     To me "Pedal Down" as an expression would only mean Pedal to the Metal --- or full speed ahead.

To use this expression to mean "put the brake pedal down" is just weird.   Maybe they want to send a mixed message.

“Pedal Down”

Statement of Commissioner Bart Chilton before the CFTC Public Meeting

June 14, 2011
We are taking these actions today out of necessity in an effort to provide time to craft thoughtful regulations and, to the extent practical, give some certainty to those impacted by the rules.  However, we can't sit back.  We need to push the pedal down and make time to finalize thoughtful rules as soon as possible.  Markets are not much safer than they were when the economic meltdown occurred.  We still aren't seeing into dark over-the-counter markets like we should, much less regulating them.  We still lack limits on excessive speculation that is impacting consumers who at times are paying a Wall Street premium, and we have not addressed super fast cheetah traders who may be instigating mini flash crashes or posing risks to markets, and therefore consumers.

Last Updated: June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Short at the ES PRS, One issue though

The USD appears to be close to the top range of it's own channel.

Given the steadfast relation between USD and SPX (inverse that is), that would put a damper on SPX downward motion. 

But SPX is at an important PRS channel line also. 

Euro seems to have "broke the mold" but the Forex also is gamed more than equities. 

I do not believe "baked in the cake" thinking / promotion.   The greek swans will eventually come home to roost, as with the Spaniard's own special brand of goose to be cooked.

It won't matter, until it matters.   It is impossible to trade this market fundamentally.   The casino version, the concentration of money and trading information has made it so.

For now, the strongest stuff I have says short ES short Euro.

Euro OSO

OSO is the new anti Quant Spider Bot code word ---look it up in Spanish.

Euro is very OSO, in Japanese you could say Oishi.

Biggest OSO I ever had--usually that is a bad sign.   When things look "perfect" it normally goes the other way.

Way too many people pimping out the "bearish sentiment"

ES downside targets for Tues Wed, then blastoff

P3 and Miners

Comment from SoulJester
What does it take for you guys to believe it is P3.  Freekeen Yoda himself showed up about two weeks ago and said "P3 it is, scared you should be," but we all are just fixated on some triangle so big it could only have come out of 70s porn.
steveo say:
SPX/ Gold = P3.   We are fully immersed in it, yet the wizard pulls his levers and trots out some dancing with the stars which makes 90% of people feel good when they occasionally pull their head out of the sand.

Who is the US truly does not know that things are totally jacked up, like maybe 5%.   We all know, but many don't even want to look at Jack Nicholson outside the flimsy closet door we are hiding in.

Definitely a risk play to go long miners, I have had my eye on the rare earth scene.  Much of our new technology, including batteries, needs some rare earths.    3 or 4 more Fuk-u-shimas and this planet won't even be worth living on, if you can.   So solar and energy storage (batteries) are going to be huge.

This idea from Breakpoint Trades , sheesh, I had to pay $3 per month and sign up for the pink sheets to buy this one on Interactive Brokers.

If this stock goes up .10 then my membership is paid for, time will tell.   

NYMO not quite oversold

Euro ran up to visit the upper side PRS 100, pinging it perfectly and retracting.    Unfortunately, I was sleeping, no short entry.

NYMO - the chart says it all.   Sure the SPX could bounce now, but more downside is my call.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 cents

14 charts, 4 hours of work, and I did get my 2 cents worth.....ouch

Thanks for all the fish

USD / Silver and USD/ Gold

Dnarby requested these charts, lets he if he can interpret them.

Fractals of 1987 and 2011, and Log Versus Lin

Faizan Azam
on Daneric

Fractals of 1987 and 2011

It won't matter until it matters.

This is from a member at Breakpoint Trades (pay site that I recommend).   Some of the members are really top quality chartists.
Check them out here, 2 week membership for free (although they don't give out the really best stuff)
If you do sign up, use the link on my blog as they credit me for the referral and it really does help.

Vote on Quantitative Easing QE3?

What do you think?   QE3 seems inevitable, how could they throw trillions away without results, and not throw trillions more. 

I am taking a vote of my (10) "indicators", here they are:  The 3.26 is moderately bearish.   5 would be neutral.   However, many of the indicators are "perched" on a line,  so saying that the market is at a critical juncture is not overblown.   It could move big in any direction.