Thursday, June 16, 2011

NYAD and the gold/Oil ratio Chart

Please drop a comment, what is it like in your neck of the woods?$NYAD&p=D&yr=6&mn=10&dy=6&id=p96998452291&a=235825351

Above supposedly linkable version through Stockcharts, although Stockcharts service seems to be going down, and features seems to be broken or disappearing.

General SEA observation --- humans seems to be reaching new levels of just "going off", I would classify the last 3 weeks as perhaps a 3 sigma event, popping of 3 bollinger bands in terms of humans just acting weird.  

Now this is through personal observation in my little neck of the woods on some of the most remote islands in the world, remote with a million plus people.

But, weirdest stuff I have seen in decades.   People are just losing it, and it doesn't even appear the most of them even realize it.   


  1. What exactly do you mean by "losing it"?  All their money in the stock market?  Losing their wits (assuming they had any)? Maybe its all that radiation finally kicking in.....maybe you should consider relocating because of that, I know I would.

  2. My take on the "losing it" observation is in agreement. I hate to sound too Elliott Wave but it seems widespread as in large scale anti sociability. "Everyone" seems more than just a bit angry in tone and general contempt levels.

    The Middle East makes enough sense, they have been humiliated and neglected for generations. It is "off with your head time" over there.

    Govt. workers (most everyone) in Greece aren't happy because any elephant in the room or circus doesn't want its marshmallows taken away from them.

    Here stateside in WI we have college kids protesting in favor of their handlers. You know, the ones stealing their futures. I've thought it strange that they haven't protested any of the wars of the past decade but now protest in favor of centralized authority. Maybe in EW terms it is just alternation from the last cycle. Or is it the conditining that has been so successful? In general I will say the kids don't seem as angry or worried as adults.

    The Middle East - that anger seemed to me to be "grown ups". It didn't have the look of college campus romper room stuff. I think it is people who can't feed themselves much less their kids.

  3. I am noticing weirdness too.
    Big riot in Vancouver over a hockey game the other night.
    A riot, cars set on fire, in boring, stoic Canada?
    There just seems to be a high level of anger.  Perhaps people would be more focused in their anger if they knew how central banking was robbing them blind?

  4. Not wits, not intelligence, just any type of fair, objective rational thought method.   It's like they are pissed but don't even know what about, they don't know how to direct their anger or what to do.    Kind of like a social empathy Grapes of Wrath scenario. 

  5. Agree all points
    Those old enough to have lived through a period without consistent easy money, and back when the moral superiority of the United States was at least a point that could be argued in favor of, are the most likely to be concerned over events.   However, even the general crowd, the "reality TV" (doublespeak) crowd, is angry and methinks that is part of mass global pyschosis Elliot wave principal in action.   


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