Friday, July 27, 2012

Audit the Fed

This is a win, a battle won in what will be a long war against blatant psychopathic criminal behavior.

Bear in the Headlights

Just consider....when a move up starts what is "perfect" for the criminals who run the system?

1) lots of negative news stories planted
2) establish salivating bears with a few big down moves, esp. on "sexy stocks" in the public eye
3) 2 days of gap you face off, bear in the headlights paralysis, with bears knowing that "this has to turn around soon"

Now HBB got alot of bears trapped...perfect time to frog boil up into election time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Europe 1 year ago, Yucking It up, high five!

I keep this as my home page for "The Telegraph" to Jul 21, 2011 One Year Ago....

Hilarious to see these guys presiding over a disaster and yucking it up.   So proud of themselves.

Europe's leaders have grasped the nettle. Faced with a spiralling bond crisis in Italy and Spain and the greatest threat to the EU project for 50 years, they have ripped up their bail-out strategy and taken a large stride towards a "liability union". 

 The three rescued countries of Greece, Ireland and Portugal have in turn been offered a lifeline out of crippling debt-deflation.

The tetchy negotiations dragged on for hours, with an irascible Finland at one point demanding that Greece offer the Parthenon, the Acropolis and its islands as collateral for the second €159bn rescue package.


BPT Short Idea

When I am busy, I don't have time to search through charts or even run pattern searching software,

I have found RAMP to be useful patter searching, esp. for cup and handle which seem so awesome lately. TOS pattern and candle pattern search just never seems to make any money for me, not sure why, but I gave up on them.

So I go to BPT, paid service, $240 6 months.

 One quick trade pays for itself. Recommend you sign up using link on my blog, as I get free months. Here is a multi-take on FDO.

Tasty on a backtest of the daily H&S, could easily run down to the Black B177 line, around 57, not quite a 20% move.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

From ZH, a cycnical hope

steveo here--unless the rule of law, and hopefully the Constitution is brought back, there can be little hope, in the below hope.

The US survived many bank induced crashes in the 1800s, we survived the civil war, and even though they're is still animosity and descendants of the former slaves suffered a hundred more years of tyranny, terror and apartheid-like discrimination, we survived. Via movements and using the government to protect people, women, black folk were able to secure more equal treatment and the vote, even when government had previously protected unequal treatment. We survived the rise of Trusts, Monopolies, using our government as a tool to break them, keep markets competitive. We survived the great depression, using our govt to clean up markets, make them more transparent and less prone to fraud, and providing a social safety net. After the great deporession we experienced a long period of not just amazing GDP growth, but a period when average working class people who had been horribly poor shared enormously in the GDP, wher one man with a HS education could easily find a job and support a family in a nice middle class lifestyle, expecting even a nice pension when he retired.
We still have horrible problems, just a partial list:
- the middle class is diminishing and being gutted by cost of housing, education, health care and by declining wages, nagging unemployment
- Poverty is back on the rise.
- Few will have secure retirements.
- Corruption of our government is at all new heights, as evidenced by unaudited money flowing to still expanding big banks, big defense contractors, big private prisons.
- Presidents can declare war at will with little, to no, democractic controls, with only one recent military action ever being banned specifically by Congress - the counterinsirgenncy in Nicaragua - and even that was subverted by executive branch..
- The bias of law enforcement, coming down heavily on regular people in oppressive searches and for petty crimes or even completely legal actions like assembly and free speech while elites, mainly bankers, are all allowed to commit massive fraud and theft unpunished, under to the Too Big to Prosecute motto.
- Horrible racial bias of our police making many black and Latino neighborhoods, schools seem more like prisons and police states than free communities. While black and Latinos are proven in study after study to do drugs no more, and often less than whites, they are hounded, arrested, charged, sentenced for drug crimes at rates embarrassingly far greater than whites. In NYC, while truly conscious evil people plot the next devious way to steal grandma's savings, to skim money off of any financial transaction, to avoid ever paying a dime of taxes, who go uninvestigated, unpunished on Wall Street, a few miles away, regular black folks walking down street get stopped and frisked with no probable cause needed.
- we have horribly high Debt to GDP to debt ratio, run up mostly becuase of unwillingness to pay as we went for our priorities and putting bloated corruption ridden programs on the credit card. These include a massively expensive pills for seniors program that was totally corrupt because ut allowed Pharma to charge US two to twenty times for price of drugs compared to what they sold for in global market place. Defencse and wars were out on credit card, even while taxes were cut, especially for rich. And the current solution proposed to adrees this mess is not o return to tax regime we had when erased our deficit, not cut bloated corrupt defense spending but rather to gut the programs that regular people actually paid for in advance, including transportation trust fund paid by gas taxes, Social Security, paid for by FICA taxes, for decades taking in far more in taxes than being spent to pileup nest egg inevitably needed when boomers paying these taxes would retire, a trust find that is currently solvent til 2036. These programs, paid for by regular wage earning people, for programs for regular people are to be gutted, while tax rates for rich are to be ever decreasing, and big businesses forever supported with big wasteful, corrupt federal spending.
- Wall Street corruption and the very unpublic, undemocractucally controlled FED.....
We have faced as worse, and we still have improved our lot. We have never achieved completely equal protection under the law and true democracy for all,, we have never completely wiped out our govt debt, we have never ended fraud and corruption, but we have made it through to periods of prosperity and increasing democracy, waning corruption.
We can make it through this. We can't deny how bad it is. It is likely even worse than many of us realize. But we also have more power and ability to improve things than many of us realize. Being aware how bad it is, is a first step, acting on this in strategic and organized/united fashion is second step. In spite of horrible corruption, in spite of police and military might, people can and do prevail.
Think cynically, act hopefully.

Water Hitman

An Observer wrote Ref Steveo’s economic hitman comment below – here is how the EHM plays the “water crisis”. It is an opportunity. Both of these examples are classic. $700M project in Cali to supply drinking water. The Ag consumers will continue to get their water for “free”. The $700M doesn’t come from thin air, real things need to be bought, real companies need to get paid to pay employees. We’ll keep it simple but imagine that all the money comes from the bank. The bank may hold $70M worth of your money (customer deposits) that you get about 0.5% interest on. The bank can make this into $700M – 10X multiplier, that is how our system is designed. The bank now offers a bond to San Diego (backed by lien on taxpayers income basically) at low interest, maybe 5% so they can proceed with project. San Diego contracts with someone like Bechtel (same guys who built Oak Creek coal plant on your dime) or Veolia (French hit man company) to build this for them and probably hold the lucrative service contract for 20-30 years after. The bank loans out this money they never had in the first place and makes 5% on it year after year. It is the same principle behind funding govt debt. This is an old game that has gone back to Kings and Queens in centuries past. It has always been money lenders who helped govts finance wars. In exchange they demand their pound of flesh later. Usually in resources or access to them. In the new game with utilities it is access to your cash flow. In the not to far off future you will see govt start to sell public assets like park systems, treatment plants, highways, etc to the moneylenders they are now in debt too up to their (OUR) eyeballs. It is almost a near certainty. They are so good (yes, these dummies you mock) they will have you clamoring for it publicly. They want it all, that is the game. Our little dump is targeted by these guys. Veolia is behind the attempts to shut down something as small as a town dump. I was at the public meeting in North Lake where they actually were able to influence someone from Waukesha County govt tax department – a slam dunk school teacher looking and talking employee – to come tell us all how if we would close the dump and just add all the customers to Veolia’s waste collection it would save money all around…huh? Oh yeah, and to simplify billing they would add the waste collection right to the property tax bill so it would be like getting it for free….huh? Then they would pay “partner” Veolia in a more efficient manner than all of those pesky little checks coming in late and all that crap. Eliminate the middle man – YOU! Boom! I guess anyone should be allowed to rant against whatever they want but you really should try to understand the world as it actually is – “follow the money”. Teachers/Fireman etc are all part of this hit program to funnel money out of your hands into hands of “partners”. Not complicated, I know everyone basically gets it. If you want meaningful change these are the powers you are up against. And….it is not that these are all evil corporations either. No one does a better job at delivery than utilities and oil companies. They are well run and well connected. I’ll even say that Time Warner fits this model and service for me has always been great. These companies that can produce cash flow month and month are something special. Here are the basics of the Tampa Project. Several high dollar water plants that have never worked right (hint - it never mattered if they did). Actually the hitman don't care if it works, and in fact uses failures to throw good money after bad to get more project and more control. So they are going to hire Veolia to build another and operate it for fifteen years. It isn’t just the one time buy that these hitmen get. It is the continuing cash flow to these utilities that makes them some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on planet. It is just how it works, it has for at least the last fifty years. It’s well known to the literati so this isn’t conspiracy. It’s just how it is. It is why you hear so much bullshit about shovel ready infrastructure projects as our only way out. Get used to it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

News Being Offered

Etrade releases a News Widget

Funny, I have found less and less use for news as time goes on.    As electronic communications, blog posts and comments, tweets, emails, facebook posts, text messages, and other stuff that can be easily collected and analyzed in real time, the propagandists have a very easy time of seeing how their "work" impacts perceptions and viewpoints.    

For trading, it seems that news can be used as a contrarian indicator, when CNBC is pimping out an idea, the exact opposite is more likely to happen.    It is clearcut they are used as tools.

I don't have that much respect for Etrade, they almost went belly up a few years back, and there trading platform which initially was "neat" has not really evolved.    It is highly customizable, but simple things like font size cannot be easily controlled.    What could possibly be more important than font size?    

But Etrade does have some neat thing like realtime put call ratios, and ability to download into Excel format a boatload of stock price data, which seems so basic also, for those who want to backtest ideas with Excel and such.   So I keep them around. 

At any rate, I thought it amusing that they launch into "providing news" at this time.
Thank you for using E*TRADE 360.

We are pleased to let you know that the News & Video widget is now available within your E*TRADE 360 experience.

You can quickly add the News & Video widget by following these easy steps:
1.     Under the Accounts tab, select E*TRADE 360.
2.     Then click the Choose Your Features button in the upper right corner which will launch an overlay with a list of all the E*TRADE 360 widgets currently available.
3.     Click the Add button to the right of the News & Video icon.
4.     Select "X" to close "Choose Your Features"
With the addition of the News & Video widget, you now have the ability to view the latest news, commentary and press releases from a variety of sources including MarketWatch, Standard & Poor`s,, Minyanville and Trefis. Pro Elite customers, you can also enjoy the extra benefit of Dow Jones Newswires, Live CNBC TV and on-demand CNBC videos.

We value your feedback. Please visit E*TRADE 360 often, and tell us what you think by clicking the "Suggestions" link.

Or, call us at 1-800-ETRADE-1 (1-800-387-2331) anytime.

(c) 2012 E*TRADE Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. All rights reserved. The information contained in this Smart Alert does not constitute a recommendation by E*TRADE Securities, and is subject to the Smart Alerts Terms and Conditions and the E*TRADE Securities Customer Agreement. We cannot respond to e-mails sent to this mailbox. If you have questions, please contact us through Customer Service.