Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breakpoint Trades

First one comment about comments, disqus has been disappearing comments lately, give it a try but beware.

Yesterday, 511 visitors, not a single click.  That is amazing to me.    WTH?

Second, Breakpoint Trades is coming out with a wicked good trade system for the SPY.   They provide the signals, buy, sell, or nothing.   It only take very high probability trades.   Trades are only done at the close or the open, you don't need to slave to your computer all day.

The Stats on this trade system are sick in a good way, from their site:

A few key statistics:
1. 91% profitable trades going back to 1995 for the Single Entry System, 96.5% profitable for the "Multi Entry" system.
2. Consistent double digit gains each year in every market condition: Bull Market, Bear Market, or sideways Choppy market, doesn't matter!
3. Average of 35.5% per year, non-compounded gains, no losing years!
4. Compounding Returns: Starting with $100K, this would have turned into > $17.5 Million! or 175 times the original principal! 
5a. Single Entry System: Profit factor of 27, this means that the system only lost about -$1000 for every $27,000 that it made, or -$3700 for every $100,000 that it made! 
5b. Multi Entry System: Profit factor is 37, this means that the system only lost $1000 for every $37,000 made, or -$2700 for every $100,000 made!
6. 42 consecutive winning trades and only 2 maximum losing trades in a row!
7. Largest losing trade was -3.36%, and that was an outlier because the next 3 largest trades out of 260 trades were -3.1%, -2.3%, -2.2, and the average losing trade being only about 1%.  Note, for the Multi Entry system, the largest losing trade was only -1.3%
8. An average of 17 trades a year...truly a swing trade system.
9. The average time in a trade is about 12 days, however that's just an average because some trades last as little as 3 - 5 days, while some trades last as long as 2 - 3 months.
10. Consistent double digit gains each year in every market condition: Bull Market, Bear Market, or sideways choppy market.

I would suspect that they will have to limit membership, it is $60 a month.    Best service around, by far, sign up with the link to the left, and they extend my membership--THANKS!

Get in before they are forced to limit memberships.  Use the link on my blog page, in the upper left, it doesn't cost you any more, and it gets me benefits.   Trust me on that one, what I learn from Breakpoint Trades definitely benefits my analysis of things.   

It is far worse than the news is saying

Kan appointed Kosako after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck northeastern Japan on March 11. The disaster left 26,000 people dead or missing and damaged several reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, setting off the world's worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl in 1986.
Volunteer Chie Ohigashi, 27, left, and others... View Full Caption
In a tearful news conference, Kosako said he could not stay and allow the government to set what he called improper radiation limits of 20 millisieverts a year for elementary schools in areas near the plant.

I was just thinking, this radiation will not just accumulate, it will also destroy the DNA of not just humans, but all of our beloved animals too.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Epiphany Part 2. They need the USD to become hated

Lots of "Pretcher Disciples" are still waiting for that huge contrarian bull run on the dollar.

Epiphany Part 1 remain unanswered, Why drop the economy, why create the New World Order currency NWO$?

But in order to get acceptance of the NWO$, the currency needs to be dragged through the mud, done real damage, and over a period of time, since humans have to be conditioned, you can't you drop a new idea on them and then roll ahead, it takes time. 

So the dollar must be tanked, in a big way, question is how big is enough.   Not a quick thin tail spike, like an indice move popping stops.    Lots of wealth is stored in USD equivalent and I don't mean T-bills, I mean real stuff, houses, cars...and a quick drop won't affect people's necessary development of hating the USD to play second fiddle to the NWO$.    The second trick is how to get people to hate the USD without having them hate too much (to the action point), the perpetrators of the currency fraud.

Rant on these things weedhoppers.

And REVIEW this chart.   The timing is not perfect but nearly so.   The asset class summation is also probably not perfect, I did it in 15 minutes, it could probably be a doctoral paper to come up with a better one...however, I only had 15 minutes.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Asset Class Summary, Gold, Copper, the usual suspects

Click through these charts, each has a story to tell.

The ACT Asset class summary shows a startling time period top/bottom pattern, and we are now at the channel top and the correct time. Combine that with 6 planets lining up, a nuclear disaster, and you have --- what else ----bull run!!!! Yeah!

We will see. The ES chart shows that even though the high was broke, it took a heck of a run just to get back up to the 50% channel line.

Tomorrow morning might be great time to buy some lottery puts.

Fear Factor and Asset Class Summary

Use the search box to search this blog for more information on how this custom indicators work.

Moment of Clarity, Epiphany

I wish I had more clarity :-)

It is clear that there are forces that want to collapse the economic system of at least the United States.

The big question is Why?

Why is anyone pushing for a "global currency" when the destruction and chaos created by the Euro, in particular by the inability of individual countries to "bail themselves" out by devaluing their currency,...when that destruction and chaos is obvious.   

Give it the 7th grader test.   If you could explain it to a 7th grader, and they would come up with the obvious conclusion.....that is a good test.   Could you explain to a 7th grader how the Euro is doomed to cause chaos and in the long run, fail, be abandoned.  Yes, you can.

Why then are forces pushing for economic collapse and global currency.   I think this is the 80,000 gorilla in the room, think on these things Weedhopper.

Must Watch, Explosion in Unit 3, launched uranium and plutonium

Hypothesis--hydrogen shockwave created an actual nuclear explosion, a quick criticality.   Evidence in proportions of radioactive element over there would prove or disprove this theory, although no real data is being released.

Gundersen Postulates Unit 3 Explosion May Have Been Prompt Criticality in Fuel Pool from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Bucky, Cable, Nikkei, Radiation Treatments

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mark 1 solutions, answer to an email

Dirty bomb:  It would be multiple isotopes to mess up the response.  Nuclear plant melting down produce all kinds of isotopes.

Got a prescription for Cesium removal through my standard healthcare, just by phone and fax, in a way I was shocked.   Cost was high, came out my pocket, $300 for 12 days supply

  1. Iodine - Common
  2. Cesium - less common, 10% to 25% of Iodine, but long lasting
  3. Uranium, messes you up in more ways than just the radiation--- the baddest
 Can all be treated simply and easily, if you have prepared

Uranium gets treated with Baking Soda

Plutonium, needs advanced chelating agents.   Not even I would self administer this even If could get it.  It removes not just the uranium and plutonium, but all the heavy metals in your body….you need a bunch of those.   The solution is just to replace the good ones that you need.   Not sure this is all that simple, probably in 16 hours of research I could become expert enough to do that, but no time for a long shot like that. 

Check this link.

Cut 40/90

Insightful email received today-

There isn’t much news in the news but it is full load of propaganda to consider.
Fiscal story (TV) is being successfully framed as one of necessity for increased taxes and reduced benefits (Medicare/Caid, Social, etc).
No channels are really giving any attention to size of govt overall. You know like let’s reduce it by 40-60%.
They are framing successfully as I see it. Media Followers will soon be repeating the message.
They don’t want to give up their grip on education but will have to eventually so they can keep their pay and bennies.
The model has been set already by GM, Harley Davidson, airline and other union fights I have “witnessed”.
Old timers get to keep their pay levels and most of bennies but the new workers get neither.
Unions agree to this in their very personal interest so it isn’t about principle.
Our govt workers will do the same, we should buy them out and make em go away.
There is another historical model for industries ripe (technology) for change.
The old Buggers need to retire and get out of the way. I’ve read about it in other industries.

My reply---

F the buyout, just make them go away, strap on a fn tool belt, get on the fn roof and start setting some solar panels….

Here is the dismissal letter-----yeah, sorry, your office pushing position studying 3 toed frogs who are in danger of being over caffeinated from the energy drink plant effluent just don’t exist anymore.   Got it?   Get out.....Get to fn work, got it?  Produce a product that someone needs to buy.

It is easy to attack unions and government.   Truly they have become fat and unhappy on the backs of those bearing the brunt of the tax burden, the 20% on this country who actually work to produce something that people need to buy -- got it?   Need to buy, not want to buy.    

Indeed the write is correct though....government has gone up in nearly exact proportion to the GDP created from the productive industries that have been lost.   Saw the chart on a financial website a few weeks ago.  

Cut 40% of all Gov.    Cut 90% of all our oversea operations of all sorts.    Bring them all home and have them start building the factories that they will work in. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

I posted this at a pro nuclear site (which is almost all of them)

sd Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Joe, surely you jest? To promote nuclear at this time is amazing. There are about 1 serious accident per year, most of which are covered up. 3 more of these big ones and the world will inhabitable by happiness standards.
50 died at Chernobyl? How many of those were the blue-jeaned liquidators shoveling raw radioactive debris into wheelbarrows?

Here is the article, the arrogance is astounding.

Now that the recent events at the nuclear plants at Fukushima are largely behind us and the stabilization is underway.....

Please stop by there and leave a comment, see if we get past the moderator or can they prove themselves to be shills of the nuke industry.

they actually posted my comment so I added another.   Interesting to note, only 4 comments at the site and all were critical of Fukushima, not trying to "justify it". 

They put the diesel tanks right on the shoreline, there is aerial photography that clearly shows the tanks right on the edge, and then later, completely swept away.     For a critical function, that is beyond irresponsible.   Sure the gensets ran for 1/2 hour...until their daytanks tanks ran dry.

Sure we could all "learn from this" and move on.    And perhaps a 99.999% failsafe failure system could be setup, but the basics of human nature are the real issue we have to contend with, greed, denial, and unstable economic and political time lead people to the worst of strings of decisions.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Uranium and logically plutonium are bring emitted and travelling

Radiation expert shows data on charts, on the gov website for radiation but deep within the data.

Great link on radiation decorpation (removal)
for Uranium a good treatment is Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda, no joke here), and for blocking other radiation elements, Tums is actually really good.   I have heard none of this anywhere but my own research.  

Maybe "they" are worried about scaring people and having a run on Tums.   A rancher wouldn't treat his livestock like this.

I just found this, not yet analyzed---danger levels of uranium.   .07 g/M3 is the most conservative --- another "UNIT" to digest.


Uranium presents both chemical and radiological hazards. Risk assessments must address both types of hazards, therefore. Unfortunately, there are some problems with the comparison of these hazards:
  • insufficient data for chemical toxicity:
    there is no data available for long-term effects of uranium ingestion on humans, all information available is from intermediate-term studies on animals,
  • standards for radiation doses and chemical toxicity not comparable:
    for radiation and for cancer-inducing effects of chemical toxics, a linear dose-effect relationship is assumed at low doses and low dose rates; therefore any standard can only limit the effects to a selected level, while for non-cancer-inducing effects of chemical toxics, the existence of a no-adverse-effect level is assumed.
  • residual risk from chemical toxicity regarded acceptable usually is orders of magnitude lower than from radiation:
    the lifetime cancer risk from continuous radiation exposure at ICRP's dose rate standard for the public of 1 mSv/a during a 70 year lifetime is 1 : 286, and the lifetime cancer risk for workers exposed at ICRP's current dose rate standard for workers of 20 mSv/a during a 40 year work life is 1 : 31, while the acceptable lifetime risk from toxics often is selected in the 1 : 10,000 to 1 : 1,000,000 range.


Inhalation: Chemical toxicity

(see also: Uranium Biokinetics Calculator) The study [ATSDR1999] reviews all published data on animal studies known on uranium toxicity:
  • For the hazard from intermediate duration inhalation of soluble forms of uranium, the study [Rothstein1949a] on dogs, is used: It showed that uranium concentrations of 0.15 mg U/m3 in air produced the lowest observable adverse effect. From this figure, a "minimal risk" inhalation level for humans of 0.4 �g/m3 is derived, applying a number of safety factors.
  • For the hazard from intermediate duration inhalation of insoluble forms of uranium, the study [Rothstein1949b] on dogs, is used: It showed that uranium concentrations of 1.1 mg U/m3 in air produced no observable adverse effect. From this figure, a "minimal risk" inhalation level for humans of 8 �g/m3 is derived, applying a number of safety factors.
  • For the hazard from chronic duration inhalation of soluble forms of uranium, the study [Stokinger1953b] on dogs, is used: It showed that uranium concentrations of 0.05 mg U/m3 in air produced no observable adverse effect. From this figure, a "minimal risk" inhalation level for humans of 0.3 �g/m3 is derived, applying a number of safety factors.
In another review [Jacob1997], performed for the German Federal Environmental Agency, another study performed by [Stokinger1953a] on rats is used: The rat study showed slight impacts to the kidneys at uranium resorption rates of 2.6 �g per kg per day. This rate corresponds to uranium concentrations of 40 �g per m3 in air. Applying a number of safety and conversion factors, the authors obtain a "tolerable" level of 0.07 �g/m3 uranium in air.
Inhalation of uranium (based on chemical toxicity)

[ATSDR1999] intermediate duration, soluble0.4
[ATSDR1999] intermediate duration, insoluble8
[ATSDR1999] chronic, soluble0.3