Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mark 1 solutions, answer to an email

Dirty bomb:  It would be multiple isotopes to mess up the response.  Nuclear plant melting down produce all kinds of isotopes.

Got a prescription for Cesium removal through my standard healthcare, just by phone and fax, in a way I was shocked.   Cost was high, came out my pocket, $300 for 12 days supply

  1. Iodine - Common
  2. Cesium - less common, 10% to 25% of Iodine, but long lasting
  3. Uranium, messes you up in more ways than just the radiation--- the baddest
 Can all be treated simply and easily, if you have prepared

Uranium gets treated with Baking Soda

Plutonium, needs advanced chelating agents.   Not even I would self administer this even If could get it.  It removes not just the uranium and plutonium, but all the heavy metals in your body….you need a bunch of those.   The solution is just to replace the good ones that you need.   Not sure this is all that simple, probably in 16 hours of research I could become expert enough to do that, but no time for a long shot like that. 

Check this link. 


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