Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cut 40/90

Insightful email received today-

There isn’t much news in the news but it is full load of propaganda to consider.
Fiscal story (TV) is being successfully framed as one of necessity for increased taxes and reduced benefits (Medicare/Caid, Social, etc).
No channels are really giving any attention to size of govt overall. You know like let’s reduce it by 40-60%.
They are framing successfully as I see it. Media Followers will soon be repeating the message.
They don’t want to give up their grip on education but will have to eventually so they can keep their pay and bennies.
The model has been set already by GM, Harley Davidson, airline and other union fights I have “witnessed”.
Old timers get to keep their pay levels and most of bennies but the new workers get neither.
Unions agree to this in their very personal interest so it isn’t about principle.
Our govt workers will do the same, we should buy them out and make em go away.
There is another historical model for industries ripe (technology) for change.
The old Buggers need to retire and get out of the way. I’ve read about it in other industries.

My reply---

F the buyout, just make them go away, strap on a fn tool belt, get on the fn roof and start setting some solar panels….

Here is the dismissal letter-----yeah, sorry, your office pushing position studying 3 toed frogs who are in danger of being over caffeinated from the energy drink plant effluent just don’t exist anymore.   Got it?   Get out.....Get to fn work, got it?  Produce a product that someone needs to buy.

It is easy to attack unions and government.   Truly they have become fat and unhappy on the backs of those bearing the brunt of the tax burden, the 20% on this country who actually work to produce something that people need to buy -- got it?   Need to buy, not want to buy.    

Indeed the write is correct though....government has gone up in nearly exact proportion to the GDP created from the productive industries that have been lost.   Saw the chart on a financial website a few weeks ago.  

Cut 40% of all Gov.    Cut 90% of all our oversea operations of all sorts.    Bring them all home and have them start building the factories that they will work in. 

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  1. Hot diggity, you've got me going, Steveo! One infuriating aspect to the govt mess is how nobody dares talk about military spending. The Dems don't want to be seen as their old stereotype of 'soft', and the Reps don't give a good goddamn, as long as they get their piece of the action.

    Bring 'em home, close the bases or turn them over to the native armed forces, teach them to defend themselves. Keep a few that really matter, but just a few. Scrap most of the new weapon development programs, there's so much padding and waste in those it's unconscionable. Now, downsizing the military is going to throw some civilians out of work, but a lot of those jobs really aren't necessary and never really were. As Eisenhower said on TV in 1960, 'Beware the military-industrial complex', and he's a man who knew it better than almost anyone in his time.

    When I was a whelp we used to bang on these same goddamn issues over and over, and nobody wanted to listen then and I bet you they won't listen now. The 'need' for a big military budget to protect us from the 'terrurists' is part of the whole game--if we stayed scared, we don't question, and if we don't question, the pigs can stay at the trough.....and eat more of our money than ever.

    We have plenty of problems in this country, but the overbloated military budget and our unwillingness to give up the 'world's policeman' role has been killing us for decades. Let's take our nightstick and go home, who the hell needs our protection anymore, really? The only thing that our allies are really vulnerable to is terrorism, and we can't figure that one out any better than the rest of them. Mainly because there is no solution to terrorism in a free society, just in a dictatorship.

    Oh, hell, I've put up another long ramble, sorry about that. But we could've given everyone healthcare and Social Security (With means testing! What is so tough about that concept?) years ago if we had reined in the insanity that is our military spending. Maybe we wouldn't have stuck our noses into other countries' business as much, as a result, and avoided becoming a terrorist target to start with.


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