Monday, April 25, 2011

I posted this at a pro nuclear site (which is almost all of them)

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Joe, surely you jest? To promote nuclear at this time is amazing. There are about 1 serious accident per year, most of which are covered up. 3 more of these big ones and the world will inhabitable by happiness standards.
50 died at Chernobyl? How many of those were the blue-jeaned liquidators shoveling raw radioactive debris into wheelbarrows?

Here is the article, the arrogance is astounding.

Now that the recent events at the nuclear plants at Fukushima are largely behind us and the stabilization is underway.....

Please stop by there and leave a comment, see if we get past the moderator or can they prove themselves to be shills of the nuke industry.

they actually posted my comment so I added another.   Interesting to note, only 4 comments at the site and all were critical of Fukushima, not trying to "justify it". 

They put the diesel tanks right on the shoreline, there is aerial photography that clearly shows the tanks right on the edge, and then later, completely swept away.     For a critical function, that is beyond irresponsible.   Sure the gensets ran for 1/2 hour...until their daytanks tanks ran dry.

Sure we could all "learn from this" and move on.    And perhaps a 99.999% failsafe failure system could be setup, but the basics of human nature are the real issue we have to contend with, greed, denial, and unstable economic and political time lead people to the worst of strings of decisions.

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  1. See, Steveo, you're not an 'expert'. If you were an 'expert', you would know that all of the nuclear accidents have had no effect on anyone, anywhere. Everything is great! The only thing we have to worry about is those Nervous Norvus types like yourself, who are looking for conspiracies and doom around every corner. You should just admit that radiation is not a problem for anybody, and never has been! Nuclear power is the future! Radiation is 100% natural, it's everywhere on God's green earth. What's a little more here and there?

    Just cut and paste a few of the phrases above, and you, too, can be an 'expert'. It's easy!


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