Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moon Shot

Funny how I posted this, and it was so true, as soon as something becomes stops working 

New moon soon, time for moon to start working again



Saturday, October 1, 2011

Peter Dag and the Moon

Hey, I love the stuff that Dag does....simple, business cycle stuff, and it is never "different this time".  But when ol' Dag starts pointing out the moon thing, I got to think maybe moon is going to take a break for a while.

Ya need proof---here is the post

Killing Ourselves to Live

"Dying ain't much of a livin' Boy"

Misplaced aggression, false reasoning, just plain mean spirited.   Hawaiian's killing Hawaii Monk Seals and labeling them as "invasive".

KAUNAKAKAI, MOLOKAI –The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in cooperation with the Department of Land and Natural Resources, is investigating the deaths of two Hawaiian monk seals on the south shore of Moloka‘i.
A young female was found dead this past week. This follows the death of an adult male seal in mid-November. Necropsies indicate that both seals appear to have died under suspicious circumstances and that foul play cannot be ruled out as the cause of death in either case.
“I was saddened to hear of these two incidents, especially the loss of a young female who would have helped restore the diminished seal population.” said William J. Aila, Jr., DLNR Chairperson. “Monk seals are an important part of the Hawaiian ecosystem and need to be respected as a valued part of our natural and cultural environment. The harm to one is a blow to Hawai‘i,” he said.

Monk seals are cute, I have swum with them off Kaho'olawe, I which I can make a credible claim to be the first human to live on that island in the 20th century, ask i will tell. 

There aren't many of them left.    To think that they are a big cause of lowered fisheries is a joke, a terrible stupid joke.


Inflation is Benign except for the things you need to live

I love taking pot shots at "A Dash" since they are so "well studied" and completely miss the mark as classic academics.

There statement:

Inflation -- both wholesale and consumer --remains benign.  Steven Hansen covers the PPI report.  Doug Short looks at each CPI component with the energy threat in the background.
Is hilarious, any human with a pulse who has walked into a store lately, traveled, or paid a utility bill, obviously knows that inflation is quite high, at least lower double digits.

Nevertheless, this chart still speaks volumes

And back to the Economic Hitman, which if you haven't read the book, please find it and read it.   Very eye opening as to how the powers that be operate.

It's pretty simple though---Enslave With Debt using a combination of lies, manipulation, bribes, and extortion.

Astro Freak stuff

Well interesting stuff to say the least.    Humans with their self centric view of the universe have trouble thinking that something else may be more powerful than themselves.   Or trouble thinking that an outside force could affect them.   That's my point.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Brontos and Expiry

The market just "knows" how to  shake people out, scare them, condition them.

One of these is the Bronto Thrash, the slam the tape, ramp up and down, make big quick scary moves that catch people off guard and put them on guard (being too cautious before a bigger more happens)

Curious that the few stocks/option I have in play are doing this quite well.    When this pattern is placed in a move up, it is usually not a continuation pattern (not more up), but a sign of get ready for big down.

EXPIRY this is expiry Friday, triple witching they say, although they seem pretty witchy.   

One of the most predicatable things about the market....EXPIRY week, big move Monday, and Tuesday,

Wed can be mild or a big move, by Thursday the battle is mostly over with a few skirmishes, and the same for Friday with stocks moving around their "Pins" price points that maximize profits to the big banks/brokers (Min Pain), and maximizes options going to option heaven held by the retail gambler waiting for the big win to brag about at their coming weekend BAR-BEE-QUE.

And that leaves Monday....after the pin, usually Monday has some pretty good fireworks as normal markets starts again.

thats my take, and that about all I got to say about these charts.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Euro as the Crossroads, ES looks ready to launch

Of course, Euro and ES go the same direction most times, because it is Ol' Bucky the USD driving the value of assets, or should we say that the value of assets is continually being repriced in term of the number of dollars you need to buy them.

You know I was thinking “down” however, looking at my prior blue target boxes, I should learn to trust my target boxes more……

And the first one is at the 61 Fibo, so I really have to say…..up

And ES is bouncing along the B100 channel line, looks like it got tired of testing that line and is now launching up, dragging Euro with it.

Hmmmmmmm, I need to change my down bias to UP…..BUT only after a real break of the line

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some later day charts

The one with a picture is from Doc J

SPG short

Presidential cycle (democratic run) shows that very high probability we rally soon, or else Obama is not going to have a job, but most of my charts are distinctively bearish.

Did you know Dabama was a Constitutional lawyer?    Who better to disassemble said down trodden rag that should fly high instead, and will again, someday, methinks.

More charts

Vacation Pau, Ready to Roll

That was the longest break from blogging in several years. Usually my vacations are fully correlated with a large market move, just saying. Here are the usual suspect, Haven't check my Stockcharts option specialty indicators yet.