Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPG short

Presidential cycle (democratic run) shows that very high probability we rally soon, or else Obama is not going to have a job, but most of my charts are distinctively bearish.

Did you know Dabama was a Constitutional lawyer?    Who better to disassemble said down trodden rag that should fly high instead, and will again, someday, methinks.


  1. "Did you know Dabama was a Constitutional lawyer?"

    Oh I don't think so in any sense different than a friend of my kid's who scored 1600 on the SAT and had a full ride to a Top-10 Law School and passed the bar handily the first time. He could also "teach" Constitutional Law. But to call him a "Constitutional Lawyer" means he could use that knowledge in a case. But without one paper written as head of the Harvard law Review, I wonder who took his bar exam? Wait...he did do some legal work for Rezko. Oh no....that was to setup himself as a slum landlord.

    Now, where have you been, steveo? Well, I hope.

    P.S. I know the left thinks he is a "Constitutional Scholar" who is so good he is rewriting it. LOL

  2.  Vacationing /working /partying, 12 days.

    Hey show me some eggs, can't find any


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