Friday, March 23, 2012

Fiascos Frauds and Fixes

Read through this link.   It is instructive.  It let's you know the depths to which the government and its regulators really understand what happened and is still happening.  And don't forget or think for a second that they are stupid, after all, they got us working our butts off to fund their power, privilege, and pensions.    Also the CFTC is dependent on the markets for it's very existence, so their opinions are restricted by that fact.


“It Takes a Pillage—Financial Fiascos, Frauds and Fixes”

Speech by Commissioner Bart Chilton to the Hot Springs Village Democratic Club, Hot Springs Village, AR

March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Profit Lock In Mostly, USD Bucky, Russell

Everything is kind of acting as it should, this is a down volume day....silly to fight that.    Stay short or close shorts is my plan.    

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

QQQ and Russell, and ES to 1380

Slice of Life

Client, already convinced he will use my company for Photovoltaic Installation, but not ready to do the project, even though cost may go up because the Chinese were convicted of dumping panels and are going to get bodyslammed with tariffs for illegal dumping.

Client says.....nope my financial adviser doesn't want to sell off any stock right now, we are finally doing good.   He says I still haven't recovered from 9-11.

UH-HUH 100% invested in stock market, buoyant on the latest post Christmas Santa Rally.  
And with a $10,000 investment on your roof, you can get 30% annual rate of return, year after year after year, and that is if the price of electricity DOESN'T go up.  

And your financial adviser wants to keep you 100% in the market, doesn't want to diversify into an inflation hedge.     Lambs to the slaughter.

OK Add that onto the list of REASONS TO BE SHORT.

Secret Indicator D5

I call this indicator my D5
Derivatives of Derivatives Divided by Derivatives of Derivatives

Is doesn't always work, but then again, nothing does.  

My other secret indicators, which did a great job in late 2011, are not going off.

I called the short March 20, in fact not "a short" but the "TOP"
We shall see about that....I could see one more DTOB move up to scare even those who were right
Death Throw o' Bronto that is, just one of the natural reactions of the market, one of the built in deceptions on top of the manipulated deceptions.

But the TOP was called, not based on the D5, see prior post

The D5 Base Line is at historically high levels, only once every few years is it in this ballpark.

The signal lines that come off the baseline HAVE NOT yet indicated a short, and they usually don't follow by too long, but sometimes there is a "fart around" period and a double or triple top even on the D5.   Whatever, nothing is perfect.   

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why not haven't called a top in 6 months, Apple, PETA, Equinox The APE

I am going to call this the APE Top.

Humans acting worse than Neanderthals

Sure, Apple ought to go to 3000..... and yes be valued at a Trillion Dollars, yeah right.

And it is the Spring Equinox, Mar 20/21.    All the Equinox is a time of change and many times they nail a market move.

And well, still gotta love those PETA chicks that would rather go naked than wear fur....but it seems that with the human race rocketing to Apple $1Trillion, that Iowa just had to jump in and make it a criminal act to try to prosecute animal cruelty by collecting evidence.,0,3658843.story

Now on the Verbal Equinox you are supposed to be able to stand and Egg on its end.

Try to stand this egg on its head.

And now to support animal rights, LOL

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cable Short

Jumped in short here on the Egg, overeasy, still a little too juicy but.....

The rewards look large, the risk is now zero.

3 Trade Ideas, the old fashioned way

I stole them....well kind of, bought them.   You are stealing them.....OK don't feel guilty, BPT lets me post up some of their trade ideas on occasion.

You can swing trade these, but if you have the ability to watch the market pretty close, your best bet may be closing out a win intraday.

Let me know if you like any of these.    There are quite a few of these smallish stocks forming bullish breakouts, I also associate that conglomeration of patterns with a turn down.  

Slopefest Prediction

Market does what it should but in the most unobvious way

I set this target box in November, boxes have price and time components.   Boy it sure took its own sweet time to just sneak into that box before March madness ran out.