Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Secret Indicator D5

I call this indicator my D5
Derivatives of Derivatives Divided by Derivatives of Derivatives

Is doesn't always work, but then again, nothing does.  

My other secret indicators, which did a great job in late 2011, are not going off.

I called the short March 20, in fact not "a short" but the "TOP"
We shall see about that....I could see one more DTOB move up to scare even those who were right
Death Throw o' Bronto that is, just one of the natural reactions of the market, one of the built in deceptions on top of the manipulated deceptions.

But the TOP was called, not based on the D5, see prior post

The D5 Base Line is at historically high levels, only once every few years is it in this ballpark.

The signal lines that come off the baseline HAVE NOT yet indicated a short, and they usually don't follow by too long, but sometimes there is a "fart around" period and a double or triple top even on the D5.   Whatever, nothing is perfect.   


  1. Coincidentaly, I came to the same conclusion at the same time.
    I have been looking at major foreign markets and peripheral markets and there seems to be a theme.  The S&P looks like the last man standing so far.

  2.  The other truth I have lived, is that right before it looks like it is going to fall into the abyss, is when bennie and the jets shows up and throws a few hundred million of state pension funds into futures, for the ramp job from hell.    

    ES and TF consolidating, could be a launch pad also


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