Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why not haven't called a top in 6 months, Apple, PETA, Equinox The APE

I am going to call this the APE Top.

Humans acting worse than Neanderthals

Sure, Apple ought to go to 3000..... and yes be valued at a Trillion Dollars, yeah right.

And it is the Spring Equinox, Mar 20/21.    All the Equinox is a time of change and many times they nail a market move.

And well, still gotta love those PETA chicks that would rather go naked than wear fur....but it seems that with the human race rocketing to Apple $1Trillion, that Iowa just had to jump in and make it a criminal act to try to prosecute animal cruelty by collecting evidence.


Now on the Verbal Equinox you are supposed to be able to stand and Egg on its end.

Try to stand this egg on its head.

And now to support animal rights, LOL


  1. I have to agree with the PETA ads. I'd rather those girls go naked than wear fur, too!

  2.  Its great to be an environmentalist!

  3. I love PETA ads. I'll take the round.

  4. I need to create an irrational exuberance meter. This is getting ridiculous. Correction...not getting, but got.

  5.  I think its in the last few dying Bronto head toss mode....timing very important, whipsaw, then bore.

    After all, there are only so many different ways to deceive when all you have is time and price to work with.   

  6.  I hope you took the short also....

  7. I'm long rounds and rumps. Short various market instruments.


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