Thursday, January 19, 2012

Angry President

Never seen a more Angry President in my life

Thursday of Expiry Week

Gold looking like a slap down is coming
Same for S&P 500 due to charts, bullish extreme sentiment, and new secret indicator

However Euro and Cable look like they are ready to launch up.

So these ideas, in theory, are completely conflicted.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The secret signal is still in play.

I am long shorts.   Review prior posts, strong signals indicating a 9 to 15% move down starting tomorrow or Friday,  but as this is expiry and the fireworks are typically over already, methinks if you have the cajones ot hold short over the weekend, ye shall be amply rewarded.   

That said, consult your effen financial adviser, who is 90% of the time long.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CPC MACD results

Steveos Secret MACD Indicator

At Signal Near Term Low % drop Rough Calendar Days

Oct-07 1565 1415 9.58% 40

May-08 1400 1220 12.86% 50

May-08 1400 760 45.71% 180

1-Apr 1215 1030 15.23% 75

Oct-11 1282 1160 9.52% 30

Dec-11 1260 1205 4.37% 10

There have been some false signals, I haven't tried to refine the conditions under which those could be recognized and stopped out of, or avoided altogether. Of course, a stop is your friend to the end of the trade.

Stopped out! Good, stop did it's job, NEXT TRADE!

CPC (and the MACD thereof) Make Doctor Copper Look Like a Hack

This is seriously good stuff....pssst, secret

The MACD Secrets of Options,
That parabolic rise of Non-Fear on the Fear Factor (see prior post)
The evening star candle pattern on the SPY
The super small change in the  Nasdaq McClellan
The rollover of the NYSE Summation Index
The DRTV Double Tap Double resistance of the Secret Bernoulli Channels
(lots of secrets here tonight)

I haven't taken a committed short positions in futures for months.    I did tonight, the topper for me was the "secret MACD".     Don't tell anyone, unless they come here and klik, wink wink, ya know what I mean!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stupiest Article Ever

Need I say more?    Look at the likelihoods, 10 of 10, for predictions.    News Media is dead.

Test Version of the greatest speech ever, Charlie Chaplin

Some things never change, these days won't last forever.  Don't squander them.

Fear Factor, Kicking some serious ass

This IS the world Famous Hawaii trading  FEAR FACTOR.   Downward indicates MORE FEAR.   You can see this parabolic rise in NON-FEAR.  

Now we all know how parabolic rises end, don't we?

This market is likely to tank like a son a gun, and I got the concealed carry permit.

Added Oil Chart and ROC 12 Month

The ROC 12 month was attributed to the Hun, cannot verify that.

Boatload O Charts

ES, TF, Gold, Silver, Copper, Euro, Cable, and the Risk On / Risk off currency pair NZD/JPY

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