Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The secret signal is still in play.

I am long shorts.   Review prior posts, strong signals indicating a 9 to 15% move down starting tomorrow or Friday,  but as this is expiry and the fireworks are typically over already, methinks if you have the cajones ot hold short over the weekend, ye shall be amply rewarded.   

That said, consult your effen financial adviser, who is 90% of the time long.


  1. Yes, review the past for posts. 

  2. On the same page! Closed out my FAS today FAT. Put/call cratered hard core, faster and with a smaller daily range (past 3 wks) than I remember.

  3. Good on you, mate!
    I bought some QQQ puts that got the life sucked out of them, way way more delta than one would expect from relatively minor moves, and they are March, 57 puts, a little out of money.

    WEIRD price action on those puts, very odd to me.  

  4. Yeah the VIX manipulation is in "contango" with equity manipulation. They're stealing the premium out of everything they want. VIX range the last 2 days is 23.40 - 19.45, which destroyed retail call buyers too, even with the RAMP. I thought that would happen on Friday, but I guess they're getting impatient, drunk with power.

    GOOG missed top end the same as MSFT and IBM, but the criminals wanted GOOG to tank and the others to run, at least until tomorrow.

  5. Great comment, obvious once you state the obvious.   Killing all options values. 


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