Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CPC MACD results

Steveos Secret MACD Indicator

At Signal Near Term Low % drop Rough Calendar Days

Oct-07 1565 1415 9.58% 40

May-08 1400 1220 12.86% 50

May-08 1400 760 45.71% 180

1-Apr 1215 1030 15.23% 75

Oct-11 1282 1160 9.52% 30

Dec-11 1260 1205 4.37% 10

There have been some false signals, I haven't tried to refine the conditions under which those could be recognized and stopped out of, or avoided altogether. Of course, a stop is your friend to the end of the trade.

Stopped out! Good, stop did it's job, NEXT TRADE!


  1. some of these falling knives I'm following eventually have to bounce.
    they are good stocks.
    this could be a tell, that the market will continue to trade sideways until after these falling knives get their bounce.

  2. waiting on both---nat gas 2.41--- (2009 low),  
    my work plan put together on Mon, tells me to buy CHK under 20, therefore, waiting on both--- 
    nat gas 2.41--- (2009 low), and CHK under 20. tried tellin' it to BDI, too. oh well. 
    NG down some more in futures. 
    waiting for one price to activate both trades. CHK under 20, or an up
    day on CHK, to break the falling knife pattern, which ever comes first.

  3. KGC is another falling knife, i'm expecting to bounce pretty soon...
    after hour algo print or late filling order, which are un-reliable, says
    KGC can be bought for 10.24 on wednesday. after hour low, was 10.2398.
    my chart, which is my plan, says buy at 10.24. to within, 2/1000ths of a
    penny, is what caught my eye too bad those late filling orders, have
    only a 1 in 5 chance of filling the next day as well.

  4. The secret indicator could tank all stocks and commodities,
    I see "too many" little stocks broken out or ready to race out of good patterns upward, last time I saw that...whammmo big down.

    Just saying, this is the best effen indicator i came up with since the last secret one that predicted the last Nov Drop

  5. if the secret indicator goes off, these falling knives will accelerate down. that's a risk for sure...
    their recovery is wholly dependent on a sideways market.. 5 days duration in length maybe.
    if they don't get the time they need, then they will seek out a lower low, most likely.

  6. It went off on the 16th or 17th, review it in detail, its a gift.   I posted as first chart above

  7. i have a few underwater shorts, that i'm planning to cover on a down trend day.
    i wonder when that will be.

  8. need sleep, back in the morn. have a good one, everybody.


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