Friday, June 1, 2012

KayakLoad O Charts

More charts Boatload

End of week posting

Nailed it! I kind of have too many indicators to check on a daily basis, and quite distracted with other stuff right now. But I checked these old favorites last night and posted as "extremely bearish" Also, I been ramping up PM physical ALOT lately, so today was nice to see. Dollar down a little, indices down alot, SPG down alot, Gold and Silver up ALOT. What a great day to sleep through and wake up to the results.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Extreme Bearish Charts just noticed

These are some of my primary custom indicators. These point out a very bearish outlook, EXTREME risk.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You know the old joke about the one bagger or the two bagger?

Well I "bagged" each of 2 separate trading accounts since mid Feb 2012.

Assuming this week will be a gainer, that is 14 of 16 weeks profitable, and a recognized gain of over 100% in each account.    That is a good thing.   I also focused my web presence on Breakpoint Trades, and Slope of Hope, with a few visits to others, such as Moo's Blue Chip Bulldog.    Less reading of silly stuff that doesn't make me money.  

100%= "Bagger" One bagged it.  And this was while being quite distracted with setting up a new business entity on the "Big Island".    

I feel a lot better about trading when money is being made on a consistent basis.     90% of this is using my own methods, and the occasional Breakpoint Trades trade idea.    When I have more time to really trade the markets, I will use alot more BPT trade ideas, many of these are thin stocks that require alot of attention, as they can turn on a dime also.    

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500 Page preppers guide

I just received this prepper guide.   It is outstanding.  500 pages.   

There are a number of ways our world can head to a "Bug out event"

Fuku 4, a Carrington, a Europe Meltdown (financial, not nuke), the 100th Monkey sick of constitutional shenanigans.

Old World Order and Fear Factor

When the "Old World Order" starts banding together, get ready for the New World Disorder.....very orderly for them, very disorderly for the muppets just scrambling to get enough cheese to live on.   Perfect opportunity for a power grab and a resource grab.

(Reuters) - Two of the most glamorous names in global finance are linking up, with the Rothschild banking dynasty agreeing to buy a stake in the Rockefeller group's wealth and asset management business to get a long-sought foothold in the United States.
Rothschild's London-listed RIT Capital Partners (RCP.L) said on Wednesday it was buying the 37 percent stake from French group Societe Generale's (SOGN.PA) private banking arm for an undisclosed sum.
The transatlantic union brings together David Rockefeller, 96, and Jacob Rothschild, 76 - two family patriarchs whose personal relationship spans five decades.

For those who have followed this blog for years, you know that the Fear Factor is perhaps the Indicator to Rule them All.     You can't fool fear, although you can game it.

And Fear Factor has just completed the most amazing perfect retrace to the neckline of a stupendous, arrogant high head and shoulders pattern.   Down direction is "More Fear"

As SPG goes the market

You heard the old saying, as SPG goes, so goes the market?   No?

Probably because I just made that up.

But SPG has a number of picture perfect bearish patterns.

When Ol' Simon died, a number of presidents showed up.   Just saying, SPG is one of the power that BE.

And SPG looks sick.    This could drive the "scare the sheeple" down move that has Joe Q public screaming begging for QE 4/5 (tacit assumption that QE3 is already playing out as a non-story)


Went extremely short pre-market based on NQ bronto thrashing fakeout at the Apex (see yesterday post) and here.

Now Bucky has to beat it way past the Bernoulli 100.   Bucky IS in an uptrend so Bucky SHOULD be able to knock off the B100, but B100 is STRONG resistance and converted will be strong support.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

steveo here:

The problem with current trading environment is that too much volume is in too few hands, AND those hands talk behind the scenes, directly, and now indirectly through their momo following computers with HFT as a subterfuge.    Regular people just can't get on these super fast moves, yet the computers can blast away with some HFT as a signal to other computers....hey lets get ready to rape the public, and then boom momo run all in coordination, and without those pesky incriminating phone calls and emails or skypes.

Meanwhile, keep in mind, all the whining, and all the conspiracy theories in the world do not for a minute, even a moment make YOU less than 100% responsible for YOUR trade results, and for YOUR obligation to plot your weekly equity curve, and give 20 minutes of analysis to what is probably 20 to 50 hours of trading.     Just saying, if you are using conspiracy to cover up your own failings, then you are on a rocky road to hell, like it or not.

Some direct email below from the CFTC to fellow blogger at TF Metals.  

Below from TF Metals

CFTC response...

In the last thread I posted that I had emailed the CFTC today.  Well I've received a couple of responses from Bart Chilton that he has given permission for me to repost.
Bart: The investigation has taken too long. That said, if it was as simple as some suggest (concentrated power regularly manipulating prices) we would have either prosecuted it or said it wasn't there years ago. It isn't that simple. These are global markets (think foreign regulators, foreign holdings, various entities and trading partners to start off with) where things are traded and sliced and diced into physical and other myriad exotic products. These markets can sometimes be like giant shell games. Trying to figure everything out just is not as easy as one might think.
I expect we will conclude in the next few months. Btw, I've spoken many times about this. If you Goggle my name and King World, or Tom O'Brien, or Jim Paplava, something should come up.
My response:
I appreciate your quick response. I know more about the markets than 
most, but I can't pretend to descend to the level of complexity you 
refer to below. However much I understand, I know that there's 5x as 
much going on under the surface that I have neither exposure or access 
to. As such I appreciate your argument below.

Answer me this one question though... is it not possible to pull the 
trades during various price waterfalls to determine if they are being 
created by the same entity? And if they are, is there not some simple 
threshold that can be applied to them that paints the line between 
regular trading and (illegal) manipulation?
Bart again:
To answer your question, yes, we can and have pulled the trades...and continue to do so. The investigation was for a time period certain, but as a matter of course, we constantly look at trades. There has been a deeper and more thorough examination of silver in the past 5 months than at anytime since I've been at the Agency (2007). Again, the investigation is separate from our normal surveillance. Like many markets, silver has changed a lot in recent years. There are new market participants and new technologies being used. Take a year ago May 1 when silver dropped 12 percent in as many minutes in after hours trading. One has to think about the cheetah HFTs in this regard, when a few milisecond trades in sparse liquidity can move a market so dramatically. We saw that in Nat Gas last June also, and it went down 7 percent in seconds. So, the markets are morphing and we have to look at things differently.
I can't get into specific trader info or positions, that's prohibited. However, we are looking constantly and I hope the investigation will wrap soon.
Finally, position limits will help. Those have also been delayed by the bureaucracy, not to mention a law suit that seeks to stop the limits implementation.
I know it is frustrating waiting for the wheels of government to turn. We are human and government is a human institution. Some suggest I'm an apologist for the Agency. They can say what they want. I think I just have an understanding of how things work, and all too often don't work like they shoulda would or coulda. You can only do your best in life, and that's what I'm doing.

Boatload O' the Usual Suspects

Zuckerman et al, and even some charts

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Outside the Box

Humor from Tom of the North

In perhaps the clearest signal yet that a dramatic change in the composition of the European Union may soon be afoot, word comes that Brussels is now broadcasting a bold, new communiqué to the rest of the globe: We Want You! (to join the European Union). Whether it is Greece, Spain or any other EU member nation who, when faced with the choice of default or austerity, may eventually choose sovereign default and an exit from the EU rather than embrace what some say are the draconian and counter-productive fiscal policies demanded of them, regional decision-makers are brainstorming spot-on strategies to counterbalance the potential economic and social shocks which may result.