Sunday, May 27, 2012

Outside the Box

Humor from Tom of the North

In perhaps the clearest signal yet that a dramatic change in the composition of the European Union may soon be afoot, word comes that Brussels is now broadcasting a bold, new communiqué to the rest of the globe: We Want You! (to join the European Union). Whether it is Greece, Spain or any other EU member nation who, when faced with the choice of default or austerity, may eventually choose sovereign default and an exit from the EU rather than embrace what some say are the draconian and counter-productive fiscal policies demanded of them, regional decision-makers are brainstorming spot-on strategies to counterbalance the potential economic and social shocks which may result.


  1. That last one is a helluva long sentence.....includes 4 commas and 13 words w/ >3 syllables...not counting the hyphenated ones of course (unless one part is >3).

  2.  And you know, the end game is still the same.    My win is an off the grid house, plenty of guns, and a trout pond.


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