Thursday, February 16, 2012

BPT trade results

Lots of trade ideas this last month from BPT.

82% success rate, your mileage may vary.   Average win 9.2%.   Many of these trades are very fast like a day or 3, sometimes a month.

I usually move my stop up to breakeven fairly quickly, and the net result is I get stopped out more often.

The alternate reality is that I also don't experience the larger losses.

It ain't exactly "printing money" but its pretty close.

There are alot more ideas posting intraday on their paid blog, sign up using link on the right...they credit me a month of membership, which helps.   

Currency Egg and Bernoulli says US equities still go up

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free BPT Newsletter, Excellent Market Analysis

Apple Toast

Apple, classic parabolic acceleration out of an already steep channel. These don't end good. The engine of the American "Information" economy, yeah try eating that information would ya!, and Big Ben on the same day.


Markets are 99% about deception. Here is a classic one.
Took profits on PVA earlier in day ($1200 using $5400 and margin, 1 day) and then saw this classic "fake break" to the downside, went back in long, tight stop 5.43

RCII Short idea

Linkable chart to RCII short trade idea (from BreakPoint Trades)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Trades

PVA was a nice trade today.   Long.

Euro is waiting to rally, it did an Embyro Pop, along with ES, before the rocket ship up.
It is all about deception

Monday, February 13, 2012

ARO trade results

We mentioned ARO long on Friday, made over $1000 so far, only using about $9000 of capital and 4X margin.

Not bad, those little setups work.    You have to have the time though, to monitor, as these gains will disappear on a dime.

ES Futures and the Bernoulli Channel Line

This line has been shown to be important, it stretches back months.

When the price jumps over a channel line, it mean the price respects that channel fact it doesn't even want to get close to it, it fears the channel lines ability to stop it's advance (or decline).

Then with a thin tail drop to the line and v recovery, well that's bullish.

Why not?    Fundamentals are terrible, but that has little to do with a market, much less a centrally planned market.