Monday, February 13, 2012

ARO trade results

We mentioned ARO long on Friday, made over $1000 so far, only using about $9000 of capital and 4X margin.

Not bad, those little setups work.    You have to have the time though, to monitor, as these gains will disappear on a dime.


  1. Trade: buy AEM.Opened at 33.81 on 2/14/12.might not get the 39 exit this
    time, but i'm pretty sure i will get the 37 exit!!! eventually 
    might test 33, oh well

  2. ACI joining, imo--- PCX eps cut last month, and made new sorts of lows,
    ---ACI is going to new 5 month low. the market cut it's eps pretty bad 7
    days ago. 


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