Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slice of Life

Client, already convinced he will use my company for Photovoltaic Installation, but not ready to do the project, even though cost may go up because the Chinese were convicted of dumping panels and are going to get bodyslammed with tariffs for illegal dumping.

Client says.....nope my financial adviser doesn't want to sell off any stock right now, we are finally doing good.   He says I still haven't recovered from 9-11.

UH-HUH 100% invested in stock market, buoyant on the latest post Christmas Santa Rally.  
And with a $10,000 investment on your roof, you can get 30% annual rate of return, year after year after year, and that is if the price of electricity DOESN'T go up.  

And your financial adviser wants to keep you 100% in the market, doesn't want to diversify into an inflation hedge.     Lambs to the slaughter.

OK Add that onto the list of REASONS TO BE SHORT.

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