Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inflation is Benign except for the things you need to live

I love taking pot shots at "A Dash" since they are so "well studied" and completely miss the mark as classic academics.

There statement:

Inflation -- both wholesale and consumer --remains benign.  Steven Hansen covers the PPI report.  Doug Short looks at each CPI component with the energy threat in the background.
Is hilarious, any human with a pulse who has walked into a store lately, traveled, or paid a utility bill, obviously knows that inflation is quite high, at least lower double digits.

Nevertheless, this chart still speaks volumes

And back to the Economic Hitman, which if you haven't read the book, please find it and read it.   Very eye opening as to how the powers that be operate.

It's pretty simple though---Enslave With Debt using a combination of lies, manipulation, bribes, and extortion.

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