Friday, June 15, 2012

Brontos and Expiry

The market just "knows" how to  shake people out, scare them, condition them.

One of these is the Bronto Thrash, the slam the tape, ramp up and down, make big quick scary moves that catch people off guard and put them on guard (being too cautious before a bigger more happens)

Curious that the few stocks/option I have in play are doing this quite well.    When this pattern is placed in a move up, it is usually not a continuation pattern (not more up), but a sign of get ready for big down.

EXPIRY this is expiry Friday, triple witching they say, although they seem pretty witchy.   

One of the most predicatable things about the market....EXPIRY week, big move Monday, and Tuesday,

Wed can be mild or a big move, by Thursday the battle is mostly over with a few skirmishes, and the same for Friday with stocks moving around their "Pins" price points that maximize profits to the big banks/brokers (Min Pain), and maximizes options going to option heaven held by the retail gambler waiting for the big win to brag about at their coming weekend BAR-BEE-QUE.

And that leaves Monday....after the pin, usually Monday has some pretty good fireworks as normal markets starts again.

thats my take, and that about all I got to say about these charts.


  1. Are you seeing the Market make a big move up come monday / tuesday or down based on your analysis?

  2.  I don't know about big, but a 1% move would be totally within my expectations, either way.  30% chance of a 1.5% move, 15% of a 2.5% move

    Markets are not statistical normal distributions.

  3. are you seeing market dipping below 13,000 before early july ?

  4.  I don't follow the Dow at all.

  5. sorry I meant 1300 spx.

  6.  Tough call, I see the Demo incumbent theory sending the SPX to over 1500, starting soon or Dabama loses his job.

  7. started plastering my site with banner ads! rofl!
    more coming.


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