Friday, January 27, 2012

Short into the weekend

Wasn't going to even trade today, but this was too juicy.

Short ES at 1315, tanking into the close.

WOW-- In one second, it ran from 1312 to 1317.....wonder how many people got their stop swept, the MM's must be laughing all the way to the bank.    

Incredible the amount of market manipulation that is achievable, might not even be illegal, but probably is.

This sweep means piggy going to die over weekend, no matter how red the lipstick.


  1. NEM recent downgrade is a limiting factor for GDX . 65 short on NEM should work.imo.
    Anyway, i had a mediocre week. shorts were narrow channels, and too much work.
    longs were great!!!

  2. Steveo they're out to get ya. ;-)

  3. Good call Steveo.

    Noticed that Euro hit resistance at 1.32 and looks set to collapse.

    Went short on Wednesday and am I ever glad.

  4. Another reason to leave this corrupt rock.   Not just corrupt, but stupid also.

    Some of the best people, warmest hearts, and also some of the slimiest most corrupt poor thinking entitlement....

    oh sheesh, they might hear me.....

  5. yeah, i got whipsawed out of early shorts, but still got nice profits on some puts that went up in value even as IWM went up, weird, but very pleasant for the account.  

    wish I had time to play those BPT breakout longs, if market turns down, it take time for nice patterns of the new trend to set up.   from experience.

  6. I'M short as hell!

  7. does smell bearish, doesn't it? i'm holding SI puts i got friday morning pre-stock open. that one is looking more like a pig every day.

  8. i'm trying to figure out XLU. oh well, no luck.

    in round off numbers---


    r1 = 41,

    s1 39 stop 38.5


    r1 72, r2 74,

    s1 70, s2 69, s3 68

    r = resistance or short it,

    s = support or cover or go long

  9. gdx and nem on the overlay charts usually top and bottom at  nearly the same time.

  10. someone visiting here might like this INTC trade, the way I have outlined.

  11. You will have happy Monday if futures stay down!

  12. Pig with lipstick I hope....
    Futures tanking nicely.

  13. wow, just caught up to that story. ok, i'll scratch hawaii off my future home list...getting kinda small, that list.


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