Friday, April 29, 2011

Epiphany Part 2. They need the USD to become hated

Lots of "Pretcher Disciples" are still waiting for that huge contrarian bull run on the dollar.

Epiphany Part 1 remain unanswered, Why drop the economy, why create the New World Order currency NWO$?

But in order to get acceptance of the NWO$, the currency needs to be dragged through the mud, done real damage, and over a period of time, since humans have to be conditioned, you can't you drop a new idea on them and then roll ahead, it takes time. 

So the dollar must be tanked, in a big way, question is how big is enough.   Not a quick thin tail spike, like an indice move popping stops.    Lots of wealth is stored in USD equivalent and I don't mean T-bills, I mean real stuff, houses, cars...and a quick drop won't affect people's necessary development of hating the USD to play second fiddle to the NWO$.    The second trick is how to get people to hate the USD without having them hate too much (to the action point), the perpetrators of the currency fraud.

Rant on these things weedhoppers.

And REVIEW this chart.   The timing is not perfect but nearly so.   The asset class summation is also probably not perfect, I did it in 15 minutes, it could probably be a doctoral paper to come up with a better one...however, I only had 15 minutes.


  1. Thats a nice construct, your asset class chart. That is original...maybe useful as well. Nice job.

    Conspiracy stuff isn't so original. You are too paranoid or full of hatred. I guess it is "in the air", lots of people have it. You see too many 800 lb gorillas.

  2. Steveo, could you explain what happens to the general asset classes when that FF dips back down? Thanks!

  3. Ok, now you are making me work, hope you at least clicked something. hehe

  4. I sat here for about half and hour, writing an extensive comment, only to have Disqus wipe it out before I could post it. Argh.

    Short version: where did this new world currency stuff come from? It's bouncing around the web like a fantasy piece of news that only Fox reported but became accepted as gospel by all the wingers with blogs who repeated it. If we didn't get a world currency during the high point of optimism and globalism, we ain't gonna get one now. Now is when nations start to entrench and trust only themselves.

    Why are people going nuts with the DX at 73, when we were at 70 a few years ago and the world didn't end? And the dollar didn't lose reserve status? Have that many people become that paranoid and wish for a cataclysm that will prove them right?

    Why do those people blame Bernanke for the dollar decline, when it was Greenspan who took it down from 125 to 70 in less than a decade? Is this like blaming Obama for 'nationalizing' industries when it was actually Bush and Paulson who were behind Citi, AIG, etc. etc., which was much much larger than saving GM? And why is it so much more attractive for the conspiracy theorists to believe we're diving toward DX 0 instead of getting ready to bounce to the 80s again? Will that prove how right they are about everything? By the way, will any of them get on the web and apologize for how extreme and insane they were when the dollar strengthens a bit? (Remember how the economy was collapsing a couple of summers ago because oil hit $120? Yeah, that didn't happen, either.)

    What makes people think gold will have any intrinsic value in case of financial armageddon? The only reason it's 'valuable' is because some people say it is...just like fiat currency.

    And the Euro is really worth one and half times the dollar? That's hysterical. Imagine if the US was 70% made of up Appalachia and the Phoenix housing market, but everyone ignored that and just based it's economic health on Wall Street bonuses. Replace Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Eastern European countries for Appalachia and Germany for Wall Street. Your 2011 Euro currency, ladies and gentlemen. As worthless as dollars and Yen and rubles. Maybe even moreso, in some of those cases.

    Currency values are relative, and we may indeed suck, but look around. Globally, there's a whole lot of sucking going on (apologies to Jerry Lee).

    Last question: why are there so many conspiracy theorists and hair-on-fire reactionaries among financial market types? Is it that old psychological thing about having to have a complex explanation for something they think is too important to be as simple as one nutjob up in the book depository? Or is it their tendency to be politically right-wing, a culture of ideology over reality that believes the more whacked-out the theory, the better?

    Anyway, all of this stuff is signalling at least an intermediate bottom in the dollar, in my opinion. This is way better than a cover on Newsweek.

  5. Wonderfully rationally reasoned response darkone. I'll keep my rant short - it's hard for some of us, believe me I know. I'll sleep better tonight knowing there is another semi-sane individual out there. Thanks.


  6. concerned that the powers that be go beyond simple national borders.
    Soros? Not exactly a winger. A hum dinger, but not a winger.

    At BBQ this weekend, USD is now common punching bag, US Peso, it is big because, it is big news, now in the collective pysche.

    The Bernank printed trillions, indeed "they" are all responsible, the easy money, the housing bubble. All the economic hit men who turned their sights on the mother load...the savings and investments of the USA, and now that USA has been bled, now they want SDRs to ensure they can draw China and the new Asia economies into their snares.
    Gold has kept value through millennium, that's a pretty good record. Food and bullets might buy alot of gold in mad max world.

    Euro is toast, no doubt, just when.

    But I don't think it is complex, I think it is very simple--very basic.

    Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws

    Insert the word "World" for nation in above quote from Rothschild

  7. I'm sorry, Steve, that wasn't meant as an attack on you at all. I hope you know I've always enjoyed your blog and I really do click ads, although not every time, so mea culpa there.

    My questions were really about the financial blogosphere and trader types in general. And some of them were meant as questions. I just don't get the need to develop theories that rival Lyndon Larouche for things that haven't even happened yet, with only speculative evidence to back them up.

    Whatever happened to 'wait and see', keeping a level head, and all those other things that have worked at least as well as gold for millennia?

    Why in the midst of every problem must there be a cabal or some sort that's making it all happen for nefarious reasons? I just don't think people are that smart or go around acting like the equivalent of Bond villains. Like the more extreme criticisms of Bush and Obama, I think the theory sometimes speaks more of the theorist than the topic at hand.

    Don't mean to offend, but maybe I can't help doing that on this. I agree with you a lot of the time, I think you know that. And I think that SPY service by Breakpoint will finally get me to buy something from them. It just sounds too incredible to pass up, and thanks for that and all the work you do here.

  8. No offense taken. Some of the super-conspiracist bloggers go far too far, like using HAARP to create the earthquake. Gerald to read for amusement, kind of. Makes me look placid.


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