Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moment of Clarity, Epiphany

I wish I had more clarity :-)

It is clear that there are forces that want to collapse the economic system of at least the United States.

The big question is Why?

Why is anyone pushing for a "global currency" when the destruction and chaos created by the Euro, in particular by the inability of individual countries to "bail themselves" out by devaluing their currency,...when that destruction and chaos is obvious.   

Give it the 7th grader test.   If you could explain it to a 7th grader, and they would come up with the obvious conclusion.....that is a good test.   Could you explain to a 7th grader how the Euro is doomed to cause chaos and in the long run, fail, be abandoned.  Yes, you can.

Why then are forces pushing for economic collapse and global currency.   I think this is the 80,000 gorilla in the room, think on these things Weedhopper.


  1. Here's my take: They're a bunch of Ivy League dumbfucks who are too stupid to realize they're dumbfucks, and have created a monstrously complex and unstable system that while doomed to blow up to a new 'steady state' they will still do whatever is in their power to 'preserve'.

    They are going to print to cover every last scrap of debt.

    Read this until you understand it fully:

  2. someone with an opinionApril 28, 2011 at 12:45 PM

    I don't "desire" an economic collapse. I desire a more stable currency that doesn't turn into toilet paper within a short number of years. It just so happens that doing so would necessarily create economic turmoil, although it's not cause & effect. Economic "collapse" is inevitable eventually no matter what course we take. It's simple math and macroeconomic reality.
    Any rational person who has not been tainted by modern view of Keynesians would tell you that the course taken over the past 50 years by developed economies is unsustainable and going to end very badly. So I'm not sure why one would need to "push" for an economic collapse when it's pretty much a guarantee already.

  3. But they are pushing for yet another collapse, blow it up and buy it on the cheap it one theory, but it is not a grand unification theory, and that is what I want, the grand unification theory.

  4. I wouldn't underestimate the craftiness of our handlers, after all they have us working our asses off for their benefit.

  5. To institute a global totalitarian state, the powers in waiting must first create the ultimate financial crisis. Only then will national governments fall and the sheep willingly give up their remaining liberty by embracing a global fiat currency. It is a plan only diabolical spiritual intelligence could formulate.
    Or we could overthrow the goons and institute a gold and silver standard!

    Be well.


  6. I see no benefit to a global currency, and lot's of downside.

    USD keyed partly to some solid thing (Gold) can make it harder for them to conjure money to get re-elected and blow bubbles to cover up the lack of real production.

    I think a real collaspe or a structured "reset" you know all that debt, well it just doesn't exist hand being dealt. Some get screwed some benefit....Call it the "Great reset". Hanky Panky will be involved too, no doubt.

  7. Could you convince a 7th grader in less than 10 minutes? But I like it, it is simple

  8. Well, my response is you have a belief system and NO argument no matter how well constructed can change that. I tried to explain in some detail the benefits of a global currency, I realize it is subjective. This is similar to the lefty/righty arguments. No matter how much detail is brought to bear no one on either side changes opinion even though they are looking at the same information. Its a bit scary.

    My research and analysis is based on the hypothesis that you are all nuts. There is emotion and feeling at play but very little of the hard logic everyone clams to have. I try to stay optimistic because advancement and growth (evolution) is the natural course of life. We live in an enviroment that is mostly stable but does change periodically. Things like a backgorund level of radiation can not be hazzardous to our health when we have evolved in it for the last millions of years. That is terrible logic in my mind.

    I am no biologist (but do have a nice garden) but this radiation is most likley essential to life as we know it. Markets go up and down but your fear is overwhelming your logic in my opinion. Sorry...I don't doubt your intentions.

    We are an primarily an emotional lot. I look for order in what appears to be a chaotic world. I do beleive in the basis behind Elliott Wave Theory that emotion moves us collectively but what makes the emotions move. That isn't scuh a jump that it is incomprehensible is it? We were talking about currencies I know. I am saying don't be so blasted terrified of change.

    The bad debt is the big story, it will need to be restructured, repaid, or defaulted on. It is probably a combination of all three. So when guys like Prechter and Armstrong blame the politicians for the crisis but also have well developed models that show we humans periodically get caught up in these 'bubbles/manias" and it seems unavoidable how does that make sense logically? They want to have it both ways.

    You all are an interesting lot to be sure. Insane Hairless Monkeys.

    May 6/7 & June 21/22 for silver and gold bottoms and tops. It's not a random walk.



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