Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breakpoint Trades

First one comment about comments, disqus has been disappearing comments lately, give it a try but beware.

Yesterday, 511 visitors, not a single click.  That is amazing to me.    WTH?

Second, Breakpoint Trades is coming out with a wicked good trade system for the SPY.   They provide the signals, buy, sell, or nothing.   It only take very high probability trades.   Trades are only done at the close or the open, you don't need to slave to your computer all day.

The Stats on this trade system are sick in a good way, from their site:

A few key statistics:
1. 91% profitable trades going back to 1995 for the Single Entry System, 96.5% profitable for the "Multi Entry" system.
2. Consistent double digit gains each year in every market condition: Bull Market, Bear Market, or sideways Choppy market, doesn't matter!
3. Average of 35.5% per year, non-compounded gains, no losing years!
4. Compounding Returns: Starting with $100K, this would have turned into > $17.5 Million! or 175 times the original principal! 
5a. Single Entry System: Profit factor of 27, this means that the system only lost about -$1000 for every $27,000 that it made, or -$3700 for every $100,000 that it made! 
5b. Multi Entry System: Profit factor is 37, this means that the system only lost $1000 for every $37,000 made, or -$2700 for every $100,000 made!
6. 42 consecutive winning trades and only 2 maximum losing trades in a row!
7. Largest losing trade was -3.36%, and that was an outlier because the next 3 largest trades out of 260 trades were -3.1%, -2.3%, -2.2, and the average losing trade being only about 1%.  Note, for the Multi Entry system, the largest losing trade was only -1.3%
8. An average of 17 trades a year...truly a swing trade system.
9. The average time in a trade is about 12 days, however that's just an average because some trades last as little as 3 - 5 days, while some trades last as long as 2 - 3 months.
10. Consistent double digit gains each year in every market condition: Bull Market, Bear Market, or sideways choppy market.

I would suspect that they will have to limit membership, it is $60 a month.    Best service around, by far, sign up with the link to the left, and they extend my membership--THANKS!

Get in before they are forced to limit memberships.  Use the link on my blog page, in the upper left, it doesn't cost you any more, and it gets me benefits.   Trust me on that one, what I learn from Breakpoint Trades definitely benefits my analysis of things.   

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