Monday, June 13, 2011

P3 and Miners

Comment from SoulJester
What does it take for you guys to believe it is P3.  Freekeen Yoda himself showed up about two weeks ago and said "P3 it is, scared you should be," but we all are just fixated on some triangle so big it could only have come out of 70s porn.
steveo say:
SPX/ Gold = P3.   We are fully immersed in it, yet the wizard pulls his levers and trots out some dancing with the stars which makes 90% of people feel good when they occasionally pull their head out of the sand.

Who is the US truly does not know that things are totally jacked up, like maybe 5%.   We all know, but many don't even want to look at Jack Nicholson outside the flimsy closet door we are hiding in.

Definitely a risk play to go long miners, I have had my eye on the rare earth scene.  Much of our new technology, including batteries, needs some rare earths.    3 or 4 more Fuk-u-shimas and this planet won't even be worth living on, if you can.   So solar and energy storage (batteries) are going to be huge.

This idea from Breakpoint Trades , sheesh, I had to pay $3 per month and sign up for the pink sheets to buy this one on Interactive Brokers.

If this stock goes up .10 then my membership is paid for, time will tell.   

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