Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remember when you Dad Tried to Do Something "Cool"

Remember when you Dad Tried to Do Something "Cool"? And it turned out being totally off the mark, a "you don't get it" kind of moment. Well I have been negative on Thinkorswim for quite some time, after the Evil Empire (Ameritrade) bought them out. Instead of a new program release every 4 to 12 weeks, now they do it every 2 to 5 days, and each release being with it some problem, sometimes a complete computer lockup, sometimes a loss of charts or drawings that you have made.

I still use TOS for the charts, but refuse to trade on TOS. Their fills are a joke, their FX is even more of a joke. The Evil Empire has won.

Read below, this ain't cool, this is a joke.

TD Ameritrade - The latest enhancements to thinkorswim

Swimmers ...
Gas up your newly released six-cylinder 1929 Chevrolet Superior Roadster at $0.25/gal to the tune of Duke Ellington's Doin' the Voom Voom. Fellas, grab your flat caps; ladies, fetch your cloche hats. Let us embark on a ride down memory lane. For it was this day, four score and two years ago, that hosted the most memorable market day in the 20th century. 'Twas this day, October 29, 1929, that shall forever be remembered as "Black Tuesday." Wipe that spittle away Reminiscences of a Stock Operator book club members, for we, too, must remember it will be another four years until we can toast [legally] with anything more than sparkling cider.

While the perma-bears reflect on what might have been, we must reaffirm our allegiance to "the release." Days stretched to weeks and weeks have stretched to months. Our developers pondered linear programming and the Kantorovich metric in the theory of weak convergence of probability measures. All in hopes that one day we would return to a furious pace of delivering technological tricks and treats, one delicious handful at a time. That glorious day, my friends, has come. We present: Chicken Soup for the Technician's Soul.

On Saturday, October 29, 2011 we released version 1802.19. New charting features include:

LBR Indicators
As we mentioned last October, we have teamed up with 30-year market veteran, Linda Bradford Raschke, in order to provide her proprietary indicators. As true gentlemen should, we picked up the tab. Enjoy the following on the house...
  1. LBR_Paintbars
  2. LBR_SmartADX
  3. LBR_ThreeTenOscillator
  4. All LBR studies were added to the Resource Center for your learning pleasure

LBR Indicators

Fifty-four candlestick patterns of both bearish and bullish varieties were added. Do you want to trade a homing pigeon [candle]? Hey, we aren't going to stop you. Use the StockHackers pre-defined candlestick study filters to setup a scan on just about anything.
  1. Fifty-four Candlestick studies were added as indicators on TOS Charts
  2. All candlestick studies added as pre-defined scanning criteria
  3. All candlestick formations are defined in the Resource Center
  4. "Bearish," "Bullish," and "Both" categories added to the house's extensive array of choices


Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities
For years you have begged, nay, pleaded for us to provide our source code for featured TAS&C magazine indicators. Instead, our thinkScript support gurus would whip up a fresh batch of steamy script on a per-request basis but, alas, we are too big and their fingers hurt. We will now provide our source code for each issue and add them as pre-defined indicators shortly thereafter.
  1. SemiCupFormation
  2. VolumeZoneOscillator
  3. ThreeBarInsideBarLE and ThreeBarInsideBarSE strategies
  4. All TAS&C indicators were added to the Resource Center

Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities

Synchronized Crosshairs
We couldn't give you all of these goodies without letting you draw parallels between different instruments and time frames. Whether you are using two charts or 80 charts (trust us, we've seen it), you will now enjoy the splendor of synchronicity.

Synchronized Crosshairs

Daily Studies
If you are a student of multi-period trend analysis and that last one didn't rev your proverbial engine, this one surely will. Use one of our three new "Daily Studies" to plot the open, high, low, close, and SMA for any time-aggregated period. In other words, if you want to plot a daily simple moving average on your five-minute chart, you're about two clicks away.
  1. DailyHighLow
  2. DailyOpen
  3. DailySMA
  4. And all indicators were added to the Resource Center

Daily Studies

A release just wouldn't be a release without a nod to the legions of thinkScriptians all over the globe. Major enhancements include:
  1. Expanded AggregationPeriod family. Can now reference *all* time-aggregrated periods as secondary aggregations
  2. New FundamentalType family
  3. Constant can be used in study inputs
  4. New "while" keyword in fold syntax
  5. New stroke parameter in AddVerticalLine function
  6. Support auto-completion in thinkScript editor for study alerts, custom quotes, and study filters
  7. Added StopLoss and ProfitTarget Strategies
  8. DarvasBox and SymbolRelation were translated to thinkScript
  9. RSIWilderLegacy has been removed-all its usages are replaced with RSIWilder
  10. Added Strategies Library to the Resource Center


Here are a couple of extras for your jack o' lantern skull.
  1. Calendar: Added "Previous," "Consensus," and "Actual" fields to economic events
  2. Chart: Added Chart Settings Help to the Resource Center–includes descriptions on interface settings, chart types, and aggregation types
  3. Chart: Plot style can be overridden in PersonsPivots, PivotPoints, and WoodiesPivots
  4. Chart: Ability to hide plot title in status string
  5. FX: Fractional pips are de-emphasized on the chart

The highly anticipated new edition of thinkMoney hit mailboxes a few weeks ago. You can always check out the electronic edition or past editions. View now.

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