Monday, December 13, 2010

Astro Dates

The current Solar System configuration is fairly rare.  You can say you don't believe, and no one will blame you.  We did a larger report on this last week if you are interested.

These are some of the date when thing have been like this.

This time (Dec. 11  2010 Mercury station) -could- be a dud, but my guess
is that it will not be and that we will get a significant decline on big volume.

       Oct. 16, 1987  -  w/Venus [Jupiter in 180 deg. aspect to Pluto]

shortly after the big crash of 1987

       Sept. 9, 1976  -  w/Venus & Mars
       June 11, 1940 -  w/Mars [Jupiter & Saturn in 90 deg. aspect to Pluto]
       May 23, 1903  -  Mars station in square aspect to Pluto [T square w/ Jupiter & Uranus]

       June 11, 1890  -  Mars station July 5 opposition Pluto [Saturn 90 deg. aspect to Pluto]
       March 9, 1803  -  Mars station square Pluto Jan. 31 (note the March 1 inflection in the retracement; although the Mars station was inexact by 18 deg.
                       I've learned that stations increase the orb of influence by twice the arc range, at a minimum.  A lag phenomenon
                       involved here, I believe.  Note that Saturn was opposing Pluto.  A big T square was formed between Mars, Saturn & Pluto here.

       March 15, 1796  - squared by transiting Mars [T square w/ Saturn & Uranus]
       Dec. 28, 1772  -  Note the inflection point March 1 & further downside at the Mars direct station opposition Pluto (March 1 station)

       Dec. 9, 1760  -  w/Venus & Mars (not a crash, but clear inflection point in retracement) [Saturn 90 deg. aspect]

       Dec. 20, 1754  -  w/Mars [T square w/ Jupiter & Uranus]

       Sept. 20, 1720  -  w/Sun, Venus & Mars

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