Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Original Charts, Back to Basics

Been kind of ranting lately, since charts don't work anymore, j/k :)
DROP a comment please!! even a rant, which is all in vogue these days.

Here is one on revised value added for 2009, from Gov Data

Interesting to note the "growth sectors", mining, Ag, government, health-care.    Sounds all so positive to me, maybe I will tell Ken Fischer so he can maintain his bullish bias.   

I hate when I find that some people I read are likely just following each other, that provides a false sense of confidence.   It is not 2 opinions, just 1.    Regardless of calling this a bear market rally, come on guys....could at least 1 bearish position have provided some decent upside targets of this bear rally?   Seriously folks, how can you all be so damn bad at this?   methinks they just want to sell newsletters.

Check out the lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice, now that is cool!   Will it be market changing?

By simple inspection, obviously the market is correlated to the moon ( or in this world of Lloyd, perhaps the moon is correlated to the market).    

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