Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fear Factor, NQ thievery, and Hawaii new gov...we are in trouble

  • Fear seems to be easing up,
  • ISEE sentiment shows very bullish levels
And the

  • "POMO me now pumps" 

seem to be relentless, although honestly I can't quite wrap my mind around those.   So Fed is buying treasuries, is that just renewing the debt, but not adding money so to speak?   Is it just keeping the treasury / bond market from imploding, and then the remaining "disposable" money out there would rather flee into equities because why get in a bidding war with the Fed?

Like I really sure I got  that one understood.  

STRATEGY, place some trades to short on weakness, and immediately automatically set a trailing stop.   This is to catch a flash crash.   Flash crash now, while the HBB boyz are licking their chops for bonuses would be the least expected thing. 

Other Strategy: Sit in cash and enjoy the holidays.

Some NQ short holders were just brutalized, purely a stop run.   Amazing how "they" can coordinate these things.   Very likely it is illegal communications and coordination.  these are not that liquid, maybe just a handful of big boys talking on phone...hey there are 200 contract hiding 1y 2230, up your ask and we will follow with a bid, but making no transactions, then we split the pot at 2230 and ride it down, all making profits except those poor sods who we just took their money."

Last picture below, the new Hawaii Governor and LT.    Abercrumby beat Aiona who was a born in Hawaii local with a strong sense of what real people have to deal with, pro-business attitude, and a firm commitment to pushing energy independence, NOW, not as an idea to send to committee.   We are in trouble, with another career politician in the seat, now.


  1. Just went short ES at 1235.50.

  2. I will check it out and maybe join you. Mahalo for timely update

  3. shorted copper futures instead, hope I don't get sutures! at PRS channel lines, if they break up, I will reverse the trade to long, so far good resistance, ask if you want a screen cap


  5. Say what you will about Andrew Cuomo here in New York, but I'm glad we have him and not the bearded dude you're stuck with. Holy moley. But I guess we can all thank him for his great work on energy. 30 years and look how far we've come...cough.


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