Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Gift - Epsom Salt

Here is a Christmas gift that I give to you.   

The greatest gifts have hidden historical value.   The Brits started mining this stuff in the late 1800's I believe.    The greatest gifts cannot be exploited by the Numerati.  I will address the Numerati in future posts.  I will give credit to a blog contributor who as far as I know coined the term Numerati.   It is like the Illuminati but (scary thought) wider spread.

Don't laugh it is, the gift that is....Epsom Salt.

What a terrible marketing name, and you better be thankful for the terrible name.   Because it will allow you to buy this product at reasonable prices for a long time, until the mining group for Epsom gets into the 21st century, good luck with that, and let's hope it takes a long time.

Executive summary:
Epson salt
  1. Lousy Name
  2. Basic component in expensive bath products.
  3. Soothes aching muscles
  4. Provides for a good sleep
  5. Regulates stress level by chemical action
  6. Resolves many skin irritation issues
  7. Inexpensive when bought at Walmart and others.

Put 1 cup to 1 full quart into bath water, soak.   It is really that simple.   Do not worry about leaving a bit residual on your skin, no need to shower afterwords, it is better to leave the residual.

If injured, in addition to the bath, pour crystals into a hot water soaked towel, and wrap around injured joint.  Soak while watching Dancing with the Stars, ouch!

Seriously folks, this stuff is magic.   But it is a basic mineral with a terrible name, therefore no one markets it, or tells the truth about it.   

Think you need a $75 professional massage?   Maybe you just need a 75c soak in Epsom. 

I am not joking, try this stuff, $3 per quart roughly, in Hawaii, much cheaper on mainland I am sure

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