Friday, December 17, 2010

Holy Grail and Fear Factor

The upper ratio is what I jokingly call the Holy Grail.  

It is one of my systems, it forces me into a short position.

Now has anyone been paying attention to what this Holy Grail Is?


  1. when nthe vix hits the douible BB-2 standard deviations below moving averages

  2. It looks great. If I weren't already short, I would be a seller. So what is it?

    P.S. I like your dog.

  3. Steve, Here it is on a 20 yr weekly chart but I'm not sure what to make of it.

    P.S. I have 2 GSD's

  4. Thanks for the chart...looks pretty simple, it spikes before a big drop, it has just spiked. Deserves more investigation, but this is a good indicator.

    I have 2 GSD also, I did a new post with a bunch of dog pix

  5. Looks pretty accurate on the VIX/VXN chart. I only see a few times that a sell off didn't happen. However, I do see another small sell off happen before the year is over, but not too much. I still see us going higher to finish this wave 5 up from the 1173 low.

    So yeah... the chart should work this time around too. Nice work Steveo.

  6. Haven't been paying attention, but you definitely got it now!
    The chart hides the ratio $VIX:$VXN BB(20,2.0) is about as close as I could replicate.

    The last day of last year sold off, and gapped up new years day, killed me.
    Good job steveo.

  7. Thanks for stopping in, check the latest post on the Eclipse thing

  8. looks like VIX/VXV to me

  9. Thanks Red, I had thought NQ was rocketing down on Sunday futures, but that was really end of Friday, short ES from 1239, small move down.

    Korea appears to be a tinderbox, how can that be baked in the cake?


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