Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aloha Sunday, Tidbits and Treats, Eclipse/Solstice

HEY I have a challenge for you.   I want 5 people who visit this blog, but have never left a comment, to leave a comment regarding one of the links below!

I ran across this website on a link from Daneric blog.   Awesome paintings, methinks capturing some reality, however in a very disturbing way.   They sell these painting in large size at $250, however not sure I would want these disturbing financial paintings hanging around that long, and with a price that dear.

I will add to this post throughout the rainy day

Ghost Town of China (I see them everywhere)

I mentioned this a while back, but don't let this fall off your radar screen,

An Astro event that hasn't happened in 456 years is going to happen tomorrow.   Total Lunar Eclipse in conjunction with the winter solstice!

What else was happening in 1554, well more of the same--political games, imprisonments for treason, beheadings, infrastructure being tore down, skirmishes and full on war.  Hey, they were partying like it was 2010!


  1. An epic link to what may presage an epic decline:
    The last time this set-up ocurred was just prior to the major decline post-'29 crash to
    1932 bottom. Frankly, it could correlate with a wave-three from where we're now
    holding in the major averages.

  2. Great link, I embedded it into the upper left, at least for a while.

  3. comment? hell I'll give you two.
    now what is the holy grail?
    hand it over, or you will be SHOT!


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