Sunday, December 19, 2010

Manias and Astro

There is an eclipse to occur tomorrow, exactly on the solstice.

There is a book that deals with these following manias and crashes.

  • Dutch, Tulip Bulb Bubble 1636

  • British, South Sea Bubble 1720

  • French, Mississippi Bubble 1720

  • US, Late 1920s Stock Price Bubble 1927-1929

  • Mexico, surge in bank loans to Mexico and other developing countries 1970s

  • Japan, real estate and stocks bubble 1985-1989

  • Finland, Norway and Sweden bubble in real estate and stocks 1985-1989

  • Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and several other Asian countries 1992-1997

  • Mexico, surge in foreign investment 1990-1993

  • US, stocks 1995-2000

  • Read more at Suite101: Review -- Manias Panics and Crashes 5th Edition: History of Financial Crises by Charles Kindleberger & Robert Aliber

    Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory inspected a list of eclipses going back 2000 years. "Since Year 1, I can only find one previous instance of an eclipse matching the same calendar date as the solstice, and that is 1638 DEC 21
    Excerpt from other blog

    By February 1637, the tulip market had abruptly collapsed in Holland. On April 27, 1637, the Dutch government canceled all tulip futures contracts. It was decreed that futures in tulips could no longer be traded as an investment, but only as an actual product in the marketplace. Holders of option contracts walked away and the value of tulips crashed.

    Read more at Suite101: Dutch Tulipmania in 17th Century Holland: Crash of the Futures Investment Market for Tulips in the Netherlands


    1. OK....

      A solstice eclipse and two months afterward the Tulip Mania was kaput?! Holy farking sheit!

      Also, I thought you said these types of occurrences happened every 300 years, but Chester says it happened only in 1638? Do they just hit close every 300 years?

      I need some help with your graph (what's that track, mentions of the word 'eclipse' in the title of books over the last 500 years?), and what's the significance of including all those other bubbles?

    2. The Tulip Mania was ended a year before the solstice eclipse, by Governmental decree. I keep going back to the Tulip Mania because I think it is of "the same degree" as the current mania. Extreme.

      The Google books thing is a new thing Google has come up with, and includes all the words in the books methinks. The word eclipse and bubbles and crashes is highly correlated. take it for what it's worth, it sure is curious.

    3. Steveo, as of now, the US alone dwarfs the South Sea Bubble. It's not even close. Still, the manipulate goes on.

      There's a line in Pete Townsend song "Give Blood", where a guy says in the background:

      We're heading for the day of reckoning, I'm telling ya.
      Its all building up to something,
      Something that can only be redeemed with fire

      I think the American stockholder is going to give gallons and gallons of blood by the time this one is over.

    4. Not just the stockholders....all the taxpayers.


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