Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to fix America

Quick Summary

  1. Eliminate lobbying
  2. Eliminate career politicians
  3. Eliminate the Fed
  4. Link USD to Gold through a ratio
  5. Kick out the illegals
  6. No welfare unless crippled, you must work, even if just building parks or cleaning them
  7. No unemployment unless you also work for the gov building or cleaning parks or roadsides.   
  8. Prosecute corruption
  9. Eliminate corporate ownership of Media, A media corporation needs to do just media, you cannot be owned or control by say GE.
  10. Stop the spying
  11. Bring home ALL the military, and build a US energy infrastructure for the next century.
  12. Restore the Constitution, and eliminate all silly case law related to Constitution, start with a clean slate.   If needed update the language to reflect modern language usage.
  13. Eliminate 80% of all Federal Government and perform only the duties/functions described under the Constitution, and enforce that all other rights and powers belong to the States and the People.

That would fix 80% of what ails us.”

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