Sunday, April 7, 2013

Now you can "Wire" money to Chile and hold it in local currency in a Bank, USING PAYPAL

If you haven't used Paypal, you should try.

Alternate currencies are now important.   And low transaction costs (often zero) are important too. 

And if you read Simon Black of Sovereign Man, you will already know that Chile is a top notch country with resources, pretty good government, business friendly, and foreigner friendly.

It is not a crazy idea to not put all your eggs in one basket.   Spread them out a bit.   Maybe even in a place that you wouldn't mind living in or just go to check out.    And Chile is not printing to kingdom come like everyone else.

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PayPal signs agreement with Multicaja to boost SME commerce

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US online payments platform PayPal has signed an agreement with Chilean transactional services company Multicaja that will allow Chilean companies to accept payments from abroad and have them deposited in their bank accounts in local currency within five working days.

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  1. how strong is the Chilean Peso?

    seems the currency may track with copper


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