Friday, June 24, 2011

June 23 Posts--Massive Head and Shoulders on Fear Factor


  1. Hi Steveo,
    Crazy week again up down up down....
    Last update
    DAX - Head Shoulders formation below 7220 expect 6935
    Nice weekend  steveo and to All.

  2. Thanks for stopping in Carlos.  Someday I will start trading DAX and Aussie all ordinaries, but for now my mojo is in tune with this chaos, had my third best week of 3 years, with last week being my best in 3 years.

    The new Bernoulli channels are insightful.  Will do a post on their construct sometime soon.

  3. Hey, some reason you weren't on my blogroll, now you are!   Consider putting Hawaii Trading on yours.

  4. At a more fundamental level the 'peak profits' worries us most, see:


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