Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bucky Weak, But Euro popped the 78 Fibo

Conflicting evidence, Bucky broke down through my Bernoulli Channel bottom, bad sign. sometime these things are just "throw overs".

The only redeeming factors in thinking that bucky might run up are:
Euro popped the 78 Fibo from recent decline and ramp. This is prefect deception as tons of bad Euro news is released by MSM. Usually, they can smirk all the way to the bank after hitting the 78, that is often enough. That knocks out 90% of the shorts.

ES broke a downtrend line, so I think it has more room overhead, meaning Bucky down.

Thats all for today. DROP A COMMENT OR your own analysis, would like to see someone do Dr Copper, or gold. Sheesh, do a copper gold ratio (kind of the modern day Forex).

Speaking of Forex, they are interpreting recent Dodd-Frank changes to restrict commodity trading for all but "accredited investors"---they don't want Joe six pack laying in their reindeer games....only the banksters will make money on the downside, how dare JSP think he could also participate.

JSP must be a reluctant non-believing long...his only avenue of salvation. Kind of like the choice of "voting" for the stooges they place in front of us. They ain't dumb, they are masters of acting and understanding of human group pychology, and script readers, and richly rewarded puppets of their handlers. But they are stooges.


  1. Yeah, oddly, Copper is not yet confirming or leading this market up move the last few days. It's still hanging on support, but not really leading up.    Hmmm...

  2. almost time to short methinks


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