Friday, June 24, 2011

Zoom on the Egg of Doom

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We posted this Ellipse of Doom months back, and thought the "Egg" dead when that overthrow occurred, now it is back in play.    For a number of reasons, thinking to go long ES next Sunday/Monday.

Keep in mind, the banksters don't want anyone else to profit in this nearly zero sum game.   That is why the big moves come at night and on weekends.

As per prior theory, rally into July 4th weekend, and then Kansas Go Bye-Bye (KGB)


  1. Great stuff as usual. 

    I think it is interesting what has happened in the last week, Greece problems, Bernanke admiting US is crappy, and oil problems too. A crazy week, I am guessing there is a bigger move coming on the market.

    Been following this guy for a while, his trading advice is killer and is very accurate.... latest video -

  2. Appreciate the effort, have a good weekend.

  3. Interesting my EW target is 450.


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