Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pulll Me Pull You Earthquake Theory

Good Deal, doesn't look like the scary story / prediction about lunar eclipse and earthquake causation are going to happen.   We don't need any more disasters.   I normally use a 3 day window AFTER full moon, or eclipse, as the likely area for earthquake.   So today should be the last day after the June 16 eclipse.

Market looks "perched on precipice", the dollar looks ready to rocket up.  USD that is.   I am using a new creation of Hawaii Trading, Bernoulli Channels.    I labelled on of the charts with the actual formulas.

And Euro is pinched between Bernoulli and and Egg trying to launch it upward, but it is now drifting past the Egg.

Of course the dollar rocketing up, and the Euro rocketing up are nearly mathematically impossible to happen at same time.   So very conflicted.

I have orders in to sell the Euro on weakness, maybe do the kastansa thing and do the opposite of what I do?

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