Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Charlatans of Silver

First let me say, I have no idea is silver goes up or down from here.

But a guy from monex cold called me today, and wanted me to buy a 1000 oz silver bar to trade with. 

The spread between buy and breakeven was "only 46 cents" which is about 1.5%, which on a $30,000 silver bar would be $450.   

So to place this bet costs $450.   But....there's more....the agent said he would decrease his commission on the buy side and sell side.    ON TOP OF THE $450.

I mentioned that I can buy 5000 ounces silver as a future, for $3.50, and the price spread between buy and ask is normally .5 cents, sometimes a full penny.  And that this sounded alot better than his deal. 

'nuff said?

The silver nuts are out and about, trying to take your money.

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