Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dabama here, defend our country boyz

Dabama here....OK lets figure out how to save America.

Chorus of PPT actors---Sure what you got in mind boss?

Well I am thinking that drawing a line in the sand worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan, that we draw a line on the SPX and defend it. 

PTT hehe, we know hwo to defend it...we just make the hush hush call to Goldman, Morgan, and those newish guys, and they crank the futures...we just have to give them free money, that they can pump with, and they can also lend that money back to us to Support T-bills also.    High five guys!!!  We save the country, the market, and our debt all in one shot!!!!!

Dabama:  OK good, so where should we draw that line....

PPT--deep thought............hey how about 1040, you know, like the tax form....yeah yeah,,,,,

Dabama: great and easy to remember, OK code word for da pump boyz is 1040 taxes.   Just call them and say hey did you file your 1040 tax form's perfect

High fives, high fives.


  1. that armageddon prediction business is trickier than a lot of people think. why, some guy or gal wrote about that a couple thousand years back or so, and we're still waiting on that one.

    I'm with you, Steve, and if the cable goes up, guess what goes up with it? oh, you know already. I'll try to come up with a better question!!

  2. I am for rally, but cruising the blogosphere, it looks like too many are...therefore I will begin every post with Bearish!


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